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Joan Collins wasn’t the first or second choice to play Alexis Carrington on Dynasty
December 17th, 2021 under Graham Norton, Joan Collins. [ Comments: none ]

When you think of Dynasty, you think of Joan Collins as Alexis Carrington. However, if the studio’s choices had said yes, then we might be thinking of Sofia Loren or Elizabeth Taylor in the role. But they said no, Aaron Spelling fought for Collins, and the rest is TV history.

That was just one of the things she told Graham Norton on his BBC show tonight. The host also wanted to know what was up with the tension between her and John Forsythe.

The actress told him that she used to reveal his age in interviews. The actor didn’t like that, and she didn’t care. The press kept sharing Collins and Linda Evans’ ages, but never his. So she took it upon herself to do it.

However, that was not the only issue he had with her. In 1986, when they won the People’s Choice Award, it was agreed that Forsythe would accept for everyone. However, the person giving out the awards gave it to Collins instead, so she accepted on behalf of the show. When she asked Forsythe if he had anything to add, he told her she said enough.

When they went back to work, he didn’t talk to her for a whole season. In fact, when she had to film a scene where he strangles Alexis, she says she told the producers, “I have to have my stand-in [do it] because I am scared.” Does anyone blame her for having that reaction?

To see the videos of her accepting the award and Blake’s hands around Alexis’ throat, then click here!


Joan Collins can handle two pricks at once!
September 20th, 2021 under Joan Collins. [ Comments: none ]

Joan Collins is 88 years young, and she can still handle being the meat in a ménage à trois. However, it is not as exciting as something you might’ve seen on Dynasty. Instead, it is her getting her COVID-19 booster in one arm and the flu shot in the other one. So sexy, being safe.

The actress left with a feeling of euphoria and no side effects from either shot. As someone, who already got this year’s flu shot, I can confirm that I also didn’t have any side effects from it. The first year I can say that.

Oh, and I know I am going to hell for the title of this post. It is just another reason on the long list.


These two are the real British Royalty in America
March 29th, 2021 under Jane Seymour, Joan Collins. [ Comments: none ]

I know many people think that Meghan Markle is true British Royalty in America because she is married to Prince Harry. But let’s be honest; seeing Joan Collins and Jane Seymour together, makes you reconsider that notion. Who doesn’t see the Dames as our Queens? I would bow down to them if I met them in person.

Oh, to be a butterfly on a tree and hear them spill the tea as they drank some tea. What do you think they talked about? Besides how beautiful Seymour’s Open Hearts scarf looks on both of them.


Liza Minnelli and Joan Collins sing a duet
March 16th, 2021 under Joan Collins, Liza Minnelli. [ Comments: none ]

On March 12th, Liza Minnelli turned 75 years old, so she threw herself a little party. One of the guests was Joan Collins, so the two of them sang a duet as Michael Feinstein tickled the ivories.

When things get back to normaler, I hope that they take their show on the road. Could you imagine them doing a Cabaret act? The stories they will tell between songs are worth the cover charge.


Is Joan Collins really 87?
August 10th, 2020 under Are they really their age?, Joan Collins. [ Comments: none ]

Joan Collins/Instagram

Joan Collins shared a photo of herself getting some son in a bikini while on vacation in Saint Tropez. Looking at her laying there, I have to wonder if she is really 87? If that is what being an octogenarian looks like, I am not afraid to get old.


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