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BTWF: Jimmy Fallon in Almost Famous
July 17th, 2019 under Before They Were Famous, Jimmy Fallon. [ Comments: none ]

Before Jimmy Fallon was killing every night on The Tonight Show, he admitted to killing someone in Almost Famous. He looks younger now than he did when he was 25 in that 2000 movie.

Did you know that they are making a musical of the movie and are hoping to bring it to Broadway? If it makes it to the Great White Way, then Cameron Crowe told the NBC host yesterday that he would like him to reprise his role any night he wants. Fallon could not contain his excitement over that offer. Can you blame him? What NYer doesn’t want to perform on the Broadway stage just once. My dad did Off Broadway and I did Lincoln Center, and that is the closest either one of us ever got to doing it.


Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert’s NeverEnding Story!
July 16th, 2019 under Jimmy Fallon, Limahl, Netflix, Stephen Colbert. [ Comments: none ]

I will admit, I am one of the few people who has not seen Stranger Things season 3 yet. I am still stuck on season 2. However, I have heard about the NeverEnding Story scene. Since I have been a neverending fan of Limahl’s, I have been curious about that scene.

Then last night late night competitors Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert went from their shared love of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to ’80s soundtrack songs that are bigger than the movies they are from. In other words, they did that scene from the Netflix show, so now I get what all the fuss is about.

Even though The Tonight Show and The Late Show go head-to-head, the two hosts are in perfect harmony when they sing.

Now back to Limahl, personally, NeverEnding Story is not one of my favorite songs of his. I prefer everything off of his album Colour All My Days and from Kajagoogoo over it. Which means you need to discover his tunes. He is becoming a huge hit again on Spotify, so start there.

Now, if you are like me and have not seen the scene that started all of this, then click here!


The cast of Stranger Things scare people
June 27th, 2019 under Jimmy Fallon, Netflix, Wax Figure. [ Comments: none ]

Jimmy Fallon invited the cast of Stranger Things to go to Madame Tussauds in NYC. Not to look at the wax figures of other famous people. Instead, he wanted them to pretend to be wax versions of their characters and scare unsuspecting fans. Oh, and since The Tonight Show host cannot be left out, he filled in for Barb. Poor Barb.

Also, poor tourists who got the shock of their lives when the Netflix kids came to life. None of them suspected that the actors were actually living and not the life-size candle versions of themselves. Funny how scared they got.

You know I just realized I never watched the second season of this show. I better watch it now because season three is coming up on July 4th


I think The Tonight Show staff might be mad at Jimmy Fallon
June 25th, 2019 under Chrissy Teigen, Jimmy Fallon. [ Comments: none ]

Anyone, who watches The Tonight Show, knows that Jimmy Fallon is not, how do you put this nicely, the bravest of men. He is scared of all types of creatures, big and small.

A few months ago, the show added a new game called Can You Feel It. It is a simple game, where the NBC host or his guest stand behind a fish tank with a mystery item in it. They have to put their hands inside of it to find out what it is.

Normally, it is stuff like fake snakes, but yesterday they changed it up. They gave him a live lungfish (no one knows what it is) and crawling cockroaches. Which makes you wonder, what did he to his staff that they are finding ways to torture him on camera? It had to be something.

When it comes to Chrissy Teigen, she had the best line of the night. She said to him, “Once you feel the top, you will want to go down.” I wonder if she has used the line before… I have!


Selena Gomez and Jimmy Fallon can’t handle the heat!
June 12th, 2019 under Jimmy Fallon, Selena Gomez. [ Comments: none ]

Have you ever seen Hot Ones on YouTube? Sean Evans interviews celebrities as they eat wings with hot sauce. With each question, the peppers get hotter and hotter. At first, they are bearable, but by the end they have tears coming from their eyes, sweat pouring out of every pore and their faces are hotter than the sauce they just inhaled. Why? Who cares, sadists like me love it.

Since I cannot sit through anything that is over 10 minutes long, I skip to the good part. The end when they have reached the hottest bottle. Yesterday, Evans brought his show to The Tonight Show, and his guests were Jimmy Fallon and Selena Gomez.

As we know the NBC late night host cannot handle any pain, he was crying after the second wing. By the time he got to the end, he was dancing like a potty trained toddler who really has to go #2 but cannot to do it in their new underwear because mommy and daddy will yell at them. Gomez did a little better, but not by much.

Total wimps.


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