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Robert De Niro punched out Jimmy Fallon!
September 30th, 2022 under Jimmy Fallon, Robert De Niro. [ Comments: none ]

Robert De Niro was a guest on The Tonight Show yesterday, and he played a game with Jimmy Fallon. One that we have played at least once in our lifetimes.

What is it? It is Hot Hands. However, the Oscar winner plays it differently than we do. The winner of the round punches the loser in the jaw. So that is what he did to the NBC host. And since they played several rounds, there was a lot of punching.

Eventually, De Niro ended the game with three hits, a 1-2 punch, and Fallon hitting the floor.

Something I am sure he enjoyed because the legendary actor is so much better than that skit.


Watch Jimmy Fallon and Martin Short diss each other
August 19th, 2022 under Jimmy Fallon, Martin Short. [ Comments: none ]

I never knew that Jimmy Fallon was a masochist, but he is. Why do I say that? Because yesterday, he challenged Martin Short to a dissing contest on The Tonight Show. The only people who would do that are Subs who liked to be tortured. And boy, was he tortured. I have seen XXX videos with less punishment in them.

Short told his Bess Frenzz, “You are so ugly, your proctologist once said, ‘My Gd! This asshole has teeth!” He followed that up with, “Speaking of nuts, did yours ever drop?” And then it was time for one zinger, “Do you remember that time I visited you in the hospital? And it was the only time that I felt bad for a catheter.”

Talking about hospitals, Fallon did get one good insult in when he told Short, “You’re so ugly, when you were born, instead of ‘push,’ the doctor said, ‘Suck.'”

This was so hysterical; I could watch it for hours. However, I think eventually, someone would have to save Fallon from his misery. It is all fun until it isn’t.


Madonna sings Music with The Roots playing classroom instruments
August 11th, 2022 under Jimmy Fallon, Madonna. [ Comments: none ]

School is back, and so is one of Jimmy Fallon’s segments on The Tonight Show. Yesterday, he, The Roots, and Madonna performed her song Music with classroom instruments.

I wonder if Madonna knew what they were because they didn’t have them when she went to school all those decades ago. Did they have paper back then?


Watch Questlove, Jimmy Fallon and Daniel Kaluuy get the crap scared out of them
July 21st, 2022 under Jimmy Fallon. [ Comments: none ]

Daniel Kaluuy was on The Tonight Show yesterday, and Jimmy Fallon and Questlove played the Jump Scare Challenge with the actor to find out who would get scared the least.

The three men watched videos with a jump scare in them, and we got to watch them jump as they got scared. Who knew Questlove was such a scaredy cat?

As good as the first few scares were, the last one is the best one. So you don’t want to miss it.

And I hope that they bring this back because I am a sadist who loves to watch people crap their pants. Watch from a distance because I don’t want to smell it!


Would Martin Lawrence do a Martin revival?
June 28th, 2022 under Jimmy Fallon, Martin Lawrence. [ Comments: none ]

The cast of Martin recently reunited for an unscripted reunion special, but would Martin Lawrence bring the series back? Yesterday, when the comedian was on The Tonight Show, he told Jimmy Fallon, “The Martin show was like catching lightning in a bottle, and I don’t think we can redo that again.”

However, Lawrence added, “I wouldn’t mind working with the cast again on something, but I don’t think we can do that again.”

In fact, the actor wouldn’t mind bringing Tisha Campbell, Carl Anthony Payne II, Tichina Arnold, Garrett Morris, and Jon Gries together again to do a Sheneneh movie. Did you hear that Bet+ and Prime Video? You are already streaming the reunion special; why not give Sheneneh her own movie?


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