Seriously? OMG! WTF? » Jason Momoa knows a lot about shark sex!
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[ # ] Jason Momoa knows a lot about shark sex!
July 11th, 2023 under Jason Momoa


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Half of the population has thought about sex with Jason Momoa. However, Aquaman has thought about sharks having sex with each other.

At least, I am assuming that is why he knows all of those facts about their mating rituals.

It could be that or because Warner Bros forced him to be the host of Shark Week to promote Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which comes out on December 20th. Although, I have a feeling they asked him, and he was like, “YES! YES! YES!”

And talking about YES, YES, YES, when are we going to get a Shark Sex doc during Shark Week? I would tune in to watch that on a Hump Day!

Oh, and Shark Week will be back on July 23rd on Discovery. So mark your calendars, chums, or you will be chum!


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