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Jane Lynch & Matt Morrison sing 12 Stinks of Christmas, where’s Glee?
December 1st, 2015 under Glee, Jane Lynch. [ Comments: none ]

Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison teamed up with Febreze to sing the 12 Stinks of Christmas, and yet there was some things missing. For example, Glee’s Christmas episodes, Glee’s second to last season, Glee’s last season, Matt’s album and Jane’s upcoming sitcom Angel From Hell. Did I miss anything?


Jane Lynch travels light
August 10th, 2015 under Glee, Jane Lynch. [ Comments: none ]

Jane Lynch traveled all the way to Sacramento and she packed a bag or two for the trip. OK, maybe she brought along 100 or 200 pieces of luggage. She’s a woman and we need what we need when we travel.
Either that, or it is a new game for Hollywood Game Night, Lujenga! I hate to be the celebrity who pulls out the wrong suitcase.


When does Jane Lynch feel like sexual harassing someone?
March 18th, 2014 under Craig Ferguson, Glee, Jane Lynch. [ Comments: none ]

Jane Lynch was on The Late Late Show yesterday, and Craig Ferguson and her started talking about cursing. That some how led to her talking about one of the networks that she works at requiring her to take a sexual harassment class. She said as soon as she’s done, “I want to harass someone sexually. It’s all I can think about.” Then she added, “I’m inviting it, and I want to give it.” I don’t know about you, but I felt the same way when I took that class.
I am the type of person that they came up with those harassment (because they are not only about sexual harassment) classes for; so when my job requires it, I avoid it like the plague. This one place I worked at, I made sure to go to the last class. So that meant that all my co-workers went before me. Well whenever any of them got out, they said stuff that made me almost look sweet and innocent. So I never understood, why companies require it because it only makes you want to do what you are not supposed to do even more. Oh, so you want to know what happened when I finally took the course? I basically failed because my sense of what you can’t do and say in the workplace is a lot different than what those Goody Two Shoes were told to teach us. Everyone has their own line to cross and people need to get over being so uptight. Yes, there are things you can’t say on the job. But there are things that people get the panties in a bunch over for no reason at all. Just remember, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” We know what names you can throw at someone, but then are others that are OK if they are said in jest and not to harm.


Double up on Hollywood Game Night tonight!
January 20th, 2014 under Jane Lynch, Jason Alexander, Sean Hayes. [ Comments: none ]

Hollywood Game Night is back on NBC tonight at 8p with 2 new episodes and you don’t want to miss either one of them. Seriously, what else is on tonight that is as much fun as this game show that is hosted by Jane Lynch.
At 8p, it is boys vs girls, and both sexes came there to win. The guys have Lester Holt, Jason Alexander and Martin Short and the latter two need their own sitcom ASAP. While the celebrity females playing the game are Valerie Bertinelli, Julie Bowen and Beth Behrs, whose show you should DVR tonight to watch this one.
They will play 2 new games and 3 old ones. The first game is an oldie and Celebrity Fushion will stump them as it brings out their playful nastiness. Next up is something new called Show Me the Music and this would be a fun game to play at home. One member of each team sits on the couch wearing noise-cancelling headphones as the rest of their team acts the song that singer is singing. Like I said, you will be playing this game with your friends because it’s like Charades but so much better. Then they try out their knowledge on another star’s career when they play Timeline. Up next is another oldie, Smash the Buzzer and Martin Short will make this game even more high energy than it already is. Finally they play Off the Top of My Head where one contestant has to guess the word on the other ones head.
All in all it is another great episode for the family game show. So sit back with your family tonight and watch a show that you can actually play with friends and family when it is done.


Deck the halls, it’s time for a Holiday Game Night’s first Christmas episode!
December 23rd, 2013 under Jane Lynch, Sean Hayes. [ Comments: none ]

Everybody loves a holiday episode, so how about one with Ray Romano competing on Hollywood Game Night. Well that is exactly what you are going to get tonight on NBC at 10p.
Jane Lynch is back for a second season of the show and she has something to celebrate with her celebrity guests. Why it’s Christmas of course. So who is kissing under the mistletoe on tonight’s episode, well it is our first contestants who are also a couple off of the show. The formerly happy couple is supermodel Brooklyn Decker and her husband retired tennis pro Andy Roddick. I say formerly because they are on opposite teams and the claws between the two of them come out when they go against each other. But his saving grace is when he plays Timeline and he has to put the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models in order of the date they were on the cover. Does he get them, including his wife’s cover, in that right order or does he only know when she was on top of the annual magazine that every man can’t wait to get his hands on?
When it comes to the Timeline game, Cheryl Hines will declare that she is really looking forward to filming her nude scene the next day after seeing all those perfect women in bikinis. For some reason, I think she will be able to compete against them just as she does with the other team tonight.
They aren’t the only celebrities on the show tonight, Rachel Bilson is an early Christmas present to her team leader. He said that she was his favorite star, so Jane makes the two of them sit together. A smart move because the two of them have an instant hemistry which helps when playing some of the new games like Movie Mashup and In Other Words, and previous games like Timelime, Smash the Buzzer and How Do You Doo?
How Do You Doo was an instant favorite last year, so how does singer Gavin DeGraw do at it? You will just have to watch to find out.
Finally, there is the always funny Ray Romano who thinks he is the host of the show. If I didn’t love Jane Lynch so much, I would say he should replace her because he is so funny tonight. When it comes to how good of a player he is that is a different story.
Now even though he is not the best at these games, that doesn’t matter. What matters is that everyone is having fun playing the game and we are having fun watching them play!
So if you missed the hot new game show during its summer run, then you can catch it tonight and every Monday night starting on January 20th.
Hollywood Game Night is the perfect show that you can watch with your family and friends and then play a version of it with them after the episode is over. I played How Do You Doo? with my friends and we couldn’t stop laughing, or as they put it they couldn’t stop laughing at me. But that is OK because it was a lot of fun just like HGN!


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