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BTWF: Matthew Morrison in Once Upon a Mattress
December 9th, 2020 under Before They Were Famous, Glee. [ Comments: none ]

Before Matthew Morrison’s had problems conceiving a baby with his wife on Glee, he got his girlfriend pregnant in Once Upon a Mattress. He looks the same now as he did when he was 27 in that 2005 musical.


Watch Matthew Morrison transform into the Grinch
December 9th, 2020 under Glee, NBC. [ Comments: none ]

Matthew Morrison played the lead character in the live-action Grinch the Musical on NBC tonight. That means he had to spend a lot of time in the makeup chair to get ready for the role. How long? He sat there for three and a half hours as they applied makeup, prosthetics, and hair. Was it worth it? Watch the final product, and tell me! But I say it was totally worth it.

Am I the only one who thinks he looked like Frankenstein until they started to put the hair on his face?


RIP Naya Rivera
July 14th, 2020 under Glee, Obits. [ Comments: none ]

Naya Rivera’s body was found today after a five-day search in Lake Piru. The 33-year-old actress went missing on July 8th during a boating trip with her 4-year-old son Josey. According to the Ventura sheriff’s office, her last act was to save her son. The two of them were swimming in the lake when something went wrong. She pushed her son back onto the boat; when he turned around, his mom was gone.

His mom was his age when she started acting. Her first role was on The Royal Family with Della Reese and Redd Foxx. One day during a rehearsal, Foxx suffered a heart attack on the set and passed away. The show was cancelled, but her career was just getting started.

She guest-starred on several popular shows like Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Family Matters, Smart Guy, and The Bernie Mac Show. However, her biggest acting role came in 2009 when she was cast as Santana Lopez on Glee.

It was her biggest acting role, but her biggest role in life was being a mom to her son Josey with her ex-husband Ryan Dorsey.

Today, let’s honor her by watching one of her many roles. Then, let’s live by the words of one of her last tweets, “no matter the year, circumstance, or strifes everyday you’re alive is a blessing. make the most of today and every day you are given. tomorrow is not promised”


A body has been found in Lake Piru on the 7th anniversary of Cory Monteith’s death
July 13th, 2020 under Glee. [ Comments: none ]

Naya Rivera/Instagram

Seven years ago today, we were all horrified and saddened when we heard that Cory Monteith passed away from a drug overdose. Last week, Glee fans had the same emotions when they heard that Naya Rivera went missing after going on a boat ride with her 4-year-old son Josey in Lake Piru.

Ever since July 9th, crews have been searching for the actress, and today they found a body in the lake. As of now, it is not confirmed to be her, but Ventura Sheriff’s Office is holding a press conference at 2p PST to talk about it.

For four days, we held out hope that maybe somehow she made it onshore and was OK. However, when I saw that today marks the seventh anniversary of her co-star’s death, I had a feeling they were going to find her. I bet he helped guide them to her body so that her family could get closure and say their goodbyes.

There was a point in their search when they were unsure if they would ever be able to find her. In a few hours, we will know.

What a sad end to someone who had such a bright future as a mom and actress. May her son grow up knowing how special she was and how much she loved him.


Tahj Mowry’s beautiful tribute to Naya Rivera
July 11th, 2020 under Baby Daddy, Glee. [ Comments: none ]

Tahj Mowry and Naya Rivera grew up together. In fact, she appeared on his show The Smart Guy, not once but twice. As they got older, their friendship became something more. It is something that has meant a lot to him up until this day. Now that she is missing and presumed dead, he penned a beautiful letter to ex-love.

My sweet Naya – to say that I am devastated would be an understatement. This is a nightmare. Everyday gets harder. However, I am holding onto hope that you will be found. ⁣

We grew up together. We became adults together. We experienced so many firsts together. You were my first experience with everything; love, intimacy, heartbreak. We broke each others hearts and then mended them back together…more than once. I will never not think of you. No woman has ever measured up what you gave me or how you made me feel. I’ve never liked to admit it but I have never stopped loving you. A part of me always wished for the day where God would bring us back together to be what we dreamt we could have been. ⁣

I pray deeply for the Rivera family and that God blankets them with strength, peace, and love right now. Mychal and Nickayla – you will always be like younger siblings to me and I love you dearly. I watched you two grow up into beautiful adults. George and Yolanda – whatever you need I am here for you. We are forever family and I love you. ⁣

I ask everyone reading this to please lift up, along with the entire Rivera family, Ryan and Josey in prayer and to respect what they are going through during this time. I pray that God showers the entire family with strength and peace that only He can give. ⁣

I still have faith. I still have hope. Let’s please all pray that she is found and brought home safely. ⁣

Naya, I miss you deeply. I wish I got the chance to tell you that once more but I’m believing I will get that chance. I know deep down you’ve always known how I felt. I look forward to the day where I can see your beautiful face once more and tell you everything I’ve wanted to say that I didn’t get the chance to say. I love you forever. I always have and I always will. ⁣


Like him, I am still hoping that she will be found alive. If she is, then I hope that they are brought back together. The love he has shown for her in this touching tribute, demonstrates how much he loves her.


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