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[ # ] Angel From Hell is from hell
January 7th, 2016 under CBS, Jane Lynch

First off, I really like Jane Lynch, but I really hate Angel From Hell. The CBS comedy that debuts at 9:30p lives up the last two words in its name.
Allison Fuller (Maggie Lawson) is an uptight Dermatologist, whose life is falling apart around her but she doesn’t see it. So her Guardian Angel, Amy (Jane Lynch), is going to make herself known to her and try to fix her life. Only thing is Amy is a wisecracking mess who seems like anything but an Angel. Thus the name. In fact, it seems like whenever Amy tries to help her, she makes things worse.
Lynch is fine in smaller increments, but as a lead on this show, it is too much. I liked Lawson on Psych, but she is not good fit for this show. Which leads to it seeming like there is no chemistry between to the leads, and that hampers it even more.
I wish I could say it gets better, but the second episode is just bad. So watch it if you want.


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