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Jack Black took a bubble bath!
January 9th, 2023 under Jack Black, Taking a bath. [ Comments: none ]

We see female celebrities share bubble bath selfies all the time, but what about the male ones? Never!

But that just changed because Jack Black is giving us some bubble action, and I am here for his sexiness!


Jack Black hilariously fails at Celebrity Wheel of Fortune
December 7th, 2022 under Jack Black, Wheel of Fortune. [ Comments: none ]

Jack Black was a contestant on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune this week, and he seemed to have an easy puzzle to solve. However, it was hard for him.

That is because he guessed “Deluxe full-time leg lamp.” But it was actually “Deluxe full-size leg lamp” from A Christmas Story. A movie, I am assuming he didn’t see it. And probably never will after this.

Anyways that is neither here nor there. It was all about how he reacted when he got the answer wrong. In Jack Black fashion, he bent down and hid behind the podium, so Pat Sajak had to go over to check on him. The actor was OK but embarrassed.

My takeaway from this is that Black should host a game show geared at kids. He would be great!


Who wanted a sequel to The Holiday?
December 6th, 2022 under Cameron Diaz, Jack Black, Jude Law. [ Comments: none ]

In 2006, Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet swapped homes for a vacation and found love in the movie The Holiday. At least, I think that is how it ended. I don’t remember because the film was boring and forgettable.

Or so I thought because The Sun is reporting that the recently unretired Diaz, Winslet, Jude Law, and Jack Black are all returning to do a sequel, which is expected to start filming next year.

Will holiday with The Holiday 2? Or do you think the movie needs a permanent vacation?

UPDATE: Nancy Meyers, who wrote and directed the original film, denies that there is a sequel in the works. She wrote, “So many DM’s about this – sorry but it’s not true. ❤️”

But then, the article didn’t mention that she was attached to the movie. So maybe the studio is working around her?


Tenacious D wants you to poop 
June 10th, 2022 under Jack Black. [ Comments: none ]

Do you know how most male celebrities team up with alcohol companies as a side hustle? Well, Jack Black and Kyle Gass are not like most male celebrities.

Tenacious D worked with NuGo to create the perfect chocolate peanut butter fiber bar that you will make you say YaGo. First, you will have Gass, and then something Back will come out of your ass! I am all Jacked up with the puns.

Since they are all so bad, I will stop and tell you you can get a box of 16 bars for just $40. Just think, every time you sit on the toilet to go #2, you will think of your #1 favorite band, Tenacious D, because they helped you get there. And hopefully, you don’t eat too many Tenacious D’lish bars at the same time, or you will have Tenacious Diarrhea.


May the Fourth be with Jack Black
May 4th, 2021 under Jack Black, Star Wars. [ Comments: none ]

Jack Black is cheating on his Marvel buddies to represent another Disney entity. This time around, he is celebrating Star Wars Day with lightsabers and three versions of himself. I don’t know what is going on here, but the force is strong with him.

Is it just me, or is Jack Black like Baby Yoda grown up? So cute, you cannot help but to want one.


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