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[ # ] Tenacious D wants you to poop 
June 10th, 2022 under Jack Black

Do you know how most male celebrities team up with alcohol companies as a side hustle? Well, Jack Black and Kyle Gass are not like most male celebrities.

Tenacious D worked with NuGo to create the perfect chocolate peanut butter fiber bar that you will make you say YaGo. First, you will have Gass, and then something Back will come out of your ass! I am all Jacked up with the puns.

Since they are all so bad, I will stop and tell you you can get a box of 16 bars for just $40. Just think, every time you sit on the toilet to go #2, you will think of your #1 favorite band, Tenacious D, because they helped you get there. And hopefully, you don’t eat too many Tenacious D’lish bars at the same time, or you will have Tenacious Diarrhea.


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