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Helena Bonham Carter asked the late Princess Margaret should she play her
November 11th, 2019 under Graham Norton, Helena Bonham Carter. [ Comments: none ]

Helena Bonham Carter is playing the late Princess Margaret in Netflix’s The Crown, but she was unsure if she should play the part. Before the actress said yes, she told Graham Norton, she went to see a psychic about something else. That psychic is also a medium and told Carter that there was a Margaret in the room with them. Did that name mean anything?

Carter not wanting to miss the chance of finding out if the Royal was alright with her taking on her essence, she decided to ask if it was OK. The Princess told her, “I think you are a better idea than the other actor.” With that Carter accepted the role.

Princess Margaret also had a suggestion for the woman who is playing her, she instructed her to, “Get the smoking right.” The Countess of Snowdon had a very distinctive way of her holding her cigarette holder and Carter made sure to replicate that.

Carter also revealed that she had met the Princess, and she had a way of “complimenting you and putting you down at the same time.” Therefore, the actress knew it was really Margaret.

When it comes to whom that other actress was, we do not know. But I wonder if the ghost also told her the same thing she told Carter…

Seriously, if you get the seal of approval from a dead person, you better do what they say. Otherwise, they will haunt you for the rest of your life. Then again if Carter did not do a good job in the series, then the Princess still haunt her. Boo!



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