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Merrily We Roll Along is getting the Hamilton treatment
June 18th, 2024 under Broadway, Harry Potter, Jonathan Groff. [ Comments: none ]

Merrily We Roll Along had a great night at the Tonys on Sunday. The revival, Jonathan Groff and Daniel Radcliffe, all went home winners.

It is the most buzzed Broadway Musical in a long time, and there are only three more weeks to see it. At least on the Great White Way.

That is because Deadline is reporting that the Stephen Sondheim production is being filmed by the same people who shot Hamilton for Disney+.

It is unknown where and when it will debut on the small screen, but I hope it happens soon. My friends saw it and loved it, and I can’t wait to do the same! Because it is all about me and my needs.


What is, Daniel Radcliffe on Jeopardy asking Harry Potter questions?
March 1st, 2023 under Harry Potter, Jeopardy. [ Comments: none ]

When you think of Harry Potter, you think of Daniel Radcliffe. Therefore, it makes sense that Jeopardy would ask him to ask the questions in their category, which is all about his time as his wizard.

He did such a great job; I think he should be the new host of Jeopardy. They are still looking for one. Right?

And talking about how good of a job people did. How did you do with the category? I didn’t get a single question right, and my nieces will shame me for it. They are obsessed with him, and I know nothing about Hogwarts. Is that what they are called?


Weird: The Story of Al Yankovic gets a premiere date
July 27th, 2022 under Harry Potter, Roku, Weird Al Yankovic. [ Comments: none ]

Weird: The Story of Al Yankovic is the most-anticipated film of the year. And today, we found out when it will debut on The Roku Channel. That date is November 4th. So mark your calendars because you don’t want to miss it.

I expect the telemovie to sweep the Emmys with Daniel Radcliffe walking away with Best Actor as the man himself. It would be a travesty if he and the movie did not win.

Oh, and The Roku Channel is the new UHF! Get it?


The Weird: The Al Yankovic Story trailer is magnificient 
May 3rd, 2022 under Harry Potter, Roku, Weird Al Yankovic. [ Comments: none ]

Roku released the first trailer for Weird: The Al Yankovic Story with Daniel Radcliffe in the title role.

All I will say is that Harry Potter worked his magic, both literally and figuratively, because that is brilliant. It reminds me of Weird Al’s music video, I Lost on Jeopardy.

Radcliffe was born to play this role, and he deserves all the accolades he is going to get for it.

When it comes to the biopic, I can’t wait to see what new things we learn about the most famous accordion player in the World!

The Movie of the Week is coming to The Roku Channel later this year. It is not the only thing coming to channel this year. To see what else will be streaming there for free, then click here!


Daniel Radcliffe transforms into ’80s Weird Al Yankovic
February 22nd, 2022 under Harry Potter, Roku, Weird Al Yankovic. [ Comments: none ]

Daniel Radcliffe was born in 1989. By that year, Weird Al Yankovic already had several hit singles, records, along with the cult classic movie UHF.

However, that didn’t stop Roku from hiring Harry Potter to play the Schlock Rocker in the Funny or Die biopic about the musician’s wild and crazy life. Looking at this photo, I can totally see why they went they did. It is as though everyone won on Jeopardy instead of the fact that they lost on Jeopardy, baby.

It is like we went into a time machine and were transported back to that version of Weird Al.


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