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Watch Harry Connick, Jr. go bald for Annie
December 2nd, 2021 under Harry Connick Jr. [ Comments: none ]

Harry Connick, Jr. plays Mr. Warbucks in Annie: Live on NBC. Mr. Warbucks is bald, and the singer is not. So did he shave his head for the night? Nope. He spent two hours in the makeup chair to make it look like he has a chrome dome. They did a good job, but it would’ve been easier for everyone if he just went under the razor.


Harry Connick, Jr. looks sexy bald in the first promo for Annie: Live
October 27th, 2021 under Harry Connick Jr, NBC. [ Comments: none ]

On December 2nd, the musical Annie is going live on NBC with newcomer Celina Smith in the title role, Taraji P. Henson as Miss Hannigan, and Harry Connick, Jr. as Mr. Warbucks.

The first thing that caught my attention in the commercial was how hot the singer looks bald. It is almost like I don’t want him to start growing back his hair on December 3rd. At least, I am assuming he went under the razor because it looks too good to be a skullcap.

How do you think he looks with a chrome down?


Harry Connick Jr recreates that Friends ATM vestibule scene with Jill Goodacre
July 15th, 2021 under Friends (cast), Harry Connick Jr, Matthew Perry. [ Comments: none ]

In case you didn’t know, Harry Connick Jr is married to model Jill Goodacre. What you do know about her is that she got trapped in an ATM vestibule with Chandler Bing during a blackout on Friends.

The other day when the singer and his wife were getting money from an ATM, a lightbulb went on his head. That bulb told him to live out a fantasy and recreate that scene with her.

How did she react? She needs to move to California so that she can get half.

Seriously though, how funny was that? I am sure he is not the first person who has wanted to do that with her. And he won’t be last.

If you want to watch that scene, you know, the one where Chandler got stuck with Goodacre in ATM vestibule, then click here!


The sun is coming out tomorrow for Harry Connick Jr
June 28th, 2021 under Harry Connick Jr. [ Comments: none ]

Harry Connick Jr/Instagram

Harry Connick Jr has a thing for women named Grace on NBC. First, he married Grace on Will and Grace, and now he will have a secretary with that name on Annie: Live.

“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to play Daddy Warbucks in ‘Annie Live!’ and working alongside Taraji P. Henson is a dream come true,” Connick said. “I love this show, and its musical message of love and hope couldn’t come at a better time.”

He doesn’t say in his statement if he will shave his head. However, if he doesn’t go under the razor, then I am not watching. Even if he smiles, he will not be fully dressed with a full head of hair.

When it comes to who will be playing Annie, NBC is still holding auditions for the title role. If you think your baby girl has what it takes, then you can find out more information here.

Annie goes live on Decemeber 2nd.


Neil deGrasse Tyson sexes up science!
February 22nd, 2018 under Harry Connick Jr, Neil deGrasse Tyson. [ Comments: 1 ]

When you think of science, there is nothing sexy about it. Even the biology of human sexuality is boring. Well, leave it to Harry Connick Jr and Neil deGrasse Tyson to sex it up. I got more turned on to listening them singing scientific words than when my teacher shocked me with an electric charge in chemistry class. And we were not even studying electricity on that day or that semester.

Seriously, if science teachers were more like deGrasse Tyson, then maybe more of us would be interested in science. Granted Neil and I went to same JHS, and obviously our science teachers had much more of an influence on him than they did on me.


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