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Gal Gadot or a seal?
October 12th, 2018 under Gal Gadot. [ Comments: none ]

We know Gal Gadot is a multitalented woman and today we learned something else she can do. Like a seal, she can balance a basketball on her nose. Does anyone have a fish we can give her for being such a good girl? She truly is a Wonder Woman!!!


Gal Gadot is so famous…
July 27th, 2018 under Gal Gadot, Jeopardy. [ Comments: none ]

Gal Gadot became a world wide sensation when she put on Wonder Woman’s costume, but did you know that she had a long career in Hollywood way before then. Enough of one that Jeopardy gave her her own a category and me a week of Before They Were Famous.

How does she feel about the rare honor? She wrote, “A whole category?!🤯 Omg I can’t belive it, I love this show! Never thought I’d hear Gal Gadot for $600 and be so pleased! 😂😜”

How well do you know the Israeli beauty? Press play to find out. I knew the answers, but not that she was a part of any of those movies and TV shows. Let me know who well you do.


Gal Gadot does not only play Wonder Woman, she is her
July 9th, 2018 under Gal Gadot. [ Comments: none ]

Gal Gadot is filming Wonder Woman: 84 in DC and she did something good during her time off. She visited Dr. Lucas Collazo and the children he takes care of at Inova Health⁩ Children’s Hospital in Virginia dressed as her superhero character. She did not need her lasso to make the kids smile, they were just so excited to see their favorite person in front of them they were beaming like her.

Part of playing a superhero on the screen is also playing one in real life. Something Gadot has mastered which is why we love her so much. She is an inspiration to little girls and boy with or without her costume on.


Wonder Woman seems shinier in 1984
June 16th, 2018 under Gal Gadot. [ Comments: 1 ]

Earlier in the week, Gal Gadot released a photo of Diana in 1984. Today, we are seeing her in the year 1984. Unlike World War II where she seemed so dark, it looks coming into the post-Disco era, she is going to be shinier like those balls that hung from the ceilings in the ’70s. Which that’s the way, uh huh, uh huh, I like it. I am so sick of all of these movies looking so dark in the light of day! Let’s lighten up DC Comic movies and stop that darkening trend. Who is with me?


Like OMG, Wonder Woman 2 is like totally taking it to like 1984!
June 13th, 2018 under Gal Gadot. [ Comments: none ]

Back in 1984, everyone was dancing in the dark to The Reflex. Moviegoers were footloose when they ran out to see Ghostbusters, The Karate Kid, Sixteen Candles and A Nightmare on Elm Street. Teens were saying, oh, la, la, Sasson, while wearing their Benetton rugbies and Keds sneakers. Kids thought that Bill Cosby and Tony Danza were the ideal dads like their characters. It was the year of Let’s Go Crazy. Basically, it was a magical year.

So magical that Wonder Woman 2 is going to take place in 1984, but why this year out of them all? That is what fans are speculating. I am thinking it is has something to do with a little book by a guy named George Orwell. I was also pondering that maybe it had something to do with a comet because Night of the Comet came out that year, but Halley’s Comet was still two years away.

What do you think Patti Jenkins and Gal Galdot are trying to tell us with these two preview photos? Besides that Chris Pine is not dead. Can you wait until November 1, 2019, to find out?

Oh, and can someone please help me reference all the images in the TVs. The ones I can figure out are Duran Duran’s The Reflex, JR from Dallas and Christie Brinkley in Vacation. I think the last two are from either Revenge of the Nerds or Johnny Rotten from Public Image Limited, and the last one is either Canada Dry or a wine cooler ad. It is like totally hurting my brain, so it would be like totally awesome if you would like help me! Bitchin’


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