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[ # ] Krispy Kreme is working 9 to 5 with Dolly Parton
May 15th, 2024 under Dolly Parton, Fast Food

I love Dolly Parton, but she is everywhere these days! She has cake mixes, dog clothes, perfume, books, music, and so much more. Where will we see her face next? At Krispy Kreme, of course.

The doughnut giant is singing Dolly Parton’s praises with four doughnuts dedicated to her Southern sweet treats for a limited time!

“Having some of my very favorite southern flavors in one, unique doughnut collection from Krispy Kreme is so special to me,” Parton said. “These doughnuts remind me of home. So, I’m excited for folks to share them with their own family and friends. They’re pretty sweet, if I do say so myself!”

How sweet are they? Read the description and tell me you don’t have a sugar high just from reading that.

Dolly Dazzler – an Original Glazed® Doughnut dipped in strawberry icing, with gold, pink and white glitter sprinkles and a signature chocolate Dolly butterfly piece.
Peachy Keen Cobbler – an unglazed doughnut filled with real peach filling, dipped in brown sugar icing and crunchy cobbler topping.
Banana Puddin’ – an unglazed doughnut filled with banana pudding made with wafers and banana pudding KREME, dipped in yellow icing, with white icing swirls and wafer cookie pieces.
Chocolate Crème Pie –  an Original Glazed® doughnut topped with a swirl of chocolate brownie cream and vanilla whipped topping, sprinkled with chocolate cookie crumble.

To celebrate the Dolly Doughs, Krispy Kreme wants us to dress up as the Country legend on Saturday to get a free glazed donut. Don’t have anything Dolly to wear? Then you can sing one of her songs. I will be singing PMS Blues because I am PMSing and need something sweet and full of fat!


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