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David Gest rushed to hospital with chest pains
December 19th, 2007 under David Gest, Sick Bay. [ Comments: 1 ]

(photo from WireImage
Days after dressing up as his ex-wife Liza Minnelli collapsed on stage, David Gest was rushed to the hospital with chest pains and respiratory problems according to Sky Showbiz.

A spokeswoman has said: "At 5.30am, David Gest was admitted to hospital, after suffering from severe chest pains and respiratory problems.

"David is stable and receiving the best medical attention. We are awaiting a further update from doctors."

No other information was released, but I wonder if it was just gas. 


David Gest does his best Liza Minnelli
December 14th, 2007 under David Gest, Liza Minnelli. [ Comments: 1 ]

That is so wrong of David Gest dressing up as his ex-wife Liza Minnelli.
The only positive thing I can say about him is since he did I'm a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here, he hasn't come back to The States. 

David Gest is no Simon Cowell
April 8th, 2007 under David Gest, Reality International, Simon Cowell. [ Comments: none ]

So ever since David Gest did I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, he has been huge over in The UK for some reason. Well ITV thought they would cash in on his popularity and make him a Judge on The UK version of Grease You're The One That We Want and let's just say it is not going so well. Just because he was married to Liza Minnelli does not make him a stage casting-know-it-all and his co-Judge David Ian agrees. In fact it is so bad for David Ian he walked off during a taping and almost didn't return according to Digital Spy.  "At times I find David extremely irritating. Once during filming I just got up and walked out. I'd had enough. If I didn't have such an important role in the whole thing I wouldn't have returned. I've been exasperated with all the judges for not concentrating as much as they should. I audition people every day. I'm struggling to work out why David and Sinitta are there. He is one of the most 'different' people I've ever met. He's nice enough, but has some very strange, mad moments." I love that "different people I've ever met," what a nice way of strangest and more irritating people I've ever met. So PC, but it works.

Also according to Digital Spy, David Ian is not the only ones having problems with Gest, seems the producers have told him to tone down his act. Seems Gest is trying to be like Simon Cowell, and he is no Simon Cowell. Here are some of the things he has said to the contestants that made the producers sit down and have a talk with him.  "I've got bowel movements more exciting than your performance." and "I've a cousin who could dance better and she only has one leg!" (Who knew he was related to Heather Mills?) While I did get a chuckle at those criticisms, they are more hurtful than helpful. Hopefully his 15 minutes will be up soon because I don't want to see him on Dancing with the Stars next season.

(photo from Daily Snack


Seems like they will give anyone a talk show on ITV?
December 8th, 2006 under David Gest, This Morning. [ Comments: none ]

David Gest is to host his own chat show. The estranged husband of Liza Minnelli was such a hit on reality TV show ‘I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!’ he will soon be starring in a show all of his own. David told ITV’s breakfast show ‘This Morning’: "I will be fronting my own chat show, and it will be on in the very near future. "I think it will be on a heavyweight network like this one as well!" The 53-year-old music producer won an army of fans when he appeared on the jungle reality show, including a royal admirer. David revealed: "I went to the Royal Variety Show and met Camille, sorry Camilla, and she was very nice to me – I think she knows who I am!

Female First 

Actually it might be interesting to have him host a talk because he is such a character, but still it is him.


Warning to British women…David Gest wants to marry you.
December 7th, 2006 under David Gest. [ Comments: none ]

David Gest wants a British wife for Christmas. The ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ star is keen to remarry, and says he is setting his sights on Britain because the women are so beautiful. David revealed: "It’s my Christmas wish to find a British woman to grown old with. I want a love that lasts forever and I would give up every material thing to find it. "I’ve always thought British women are the most beautiful in the world. I love their sense of humour and I find them very intelligent." Now 53-year-old David is appealing to British woman to make his wish come true. He said: "I’d like to meet someone in their 30s or 40s. I know I’m no sex symbol, but I’m very romantic. I like to serenade women down the phone.

Female First

I think he realized there is not one woman left in America that would marry him.


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