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Young and the Restless’ Christian LeBlanc reveals he beat cancer
October 25th, 2023 under Sick Bay, TV Soaps. [ Comments: none ]

Christian LeBlanc has been missing from The Young and the Restless, and now we know why. The actor told WWL-TV he was diagnosed with the blood cancer Myeloma in June, but he is in remission.

The Y&R star started to notice his left eye was a little wonky, and he was rapidly losing weight. Even the fans began to notice that there was something wrong with his eye, so they reached out to him.

So he went to the eye doctor, who told him to go to a neurological specialist. That is when they noticed that he had a tumor in his nasal passage that was pressing against his optic nerve.

And that was the first time he spent any time in the hospital in his 65 years. Now that he is in remission. Hopefully, it will be his last visit to one.

LeBlanc will return to the CBS soap on Thanksgiving.


Mary Lou Retton is at home recovering
October 23rd, 2023 under Sick Bay. [ Comments: none ]

About two weeks ago, Mary Lou Retton’s daughter, McKenna Kelley, announced that her mom was in a hospital ICU, fighting for her life with a rare form of pneumonia.

Today, Kelley gave an update on her mom. She wrote, “Mom is HOME & in recovery mode. We still have a long road of recovery ahead of us, but baby steps.

“We are overwhelmed with the love and support from everyone. Grateful doesn’t scrape the surface of the posture of our hearts.

“Thank you Jesus, thank you doctors & nurses, thank you to this loving community of support.”

Hopefully, the gold-medal olympian will be better soon! As we know, she is a fighter! So I can’t wait to see her smile that goes from ear to ear.


Pray for Mary Lou Retton
October 10th, 2023 under Sick Bay. [ Comments: none ]

Mary Lou Retton is one of the most beloved Olympians of the 20th century. And today, she needs our prayers.

Her daughter, McKenna Lane Kelly, started a spotfund and explained why. “My amazing mom, Mary Lou, has a very rare form of pneumonia and is fighting for her life. She is not able to breathe on her own. She’s been in the ICU for over a week now. Out of respect for her and her privacy, I will not disclose all details. However, I will disclose that she is not insured.

“We ask that if you could help in any way, that 1) you PRAY! and 2) if you could help us with finances for the hospital bill.

“ANYTHING, absolutely anything, would be so helpful for my family and my mom. Thank y’all so very much!”

I pray that she recovers from her pneumonia and is breathing on her own shortly.

When it comes to her not being insured, America sucks when it comes to healthcare. She should be insured for being someone who represented our country in the Olympics. But more importantly, she should be insured because she is a human being. We need to do better.


Joe Lando cheats on Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman
September 26th, 2023 under Sick Bay. [ Comments: none ]


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Joe Lando underwent knee replacement surgery yesterday, and Dr. Quinn didn’t do it. How dare he cheat on the Medicine Woman.

But then again, with all of the medical advancements since they first met in 1867, I don’t blame him.

Well, that and he said, “She’s more of an open heart specialist.”

Hopefully, he will be up and kicking butt again soon!


Sofia Loren hospitalized with several fractures
September 25th, 2023 under Sick Bay. [ Comments: none ]

Sophia Loren turned 89 on the 20th, and the year is not off to a good start. The Italian legendary actress fell in her bathroom in Geneva yesterday and broke several bones, including her hip and femur. The latter caused her to undergo emergency surgery.

A source told The Hollywood Reporter that there is “cautious optimism about the outcome of the operation and Loren’s recovery.”

After she is released from the hospital, she will have a short convalescence stay, and then she will go home for long rehabilitation.

I am praying that she recovers from her injuries and gets to enjoy her time at the Sophia Loren Restaurants again.


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