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COZI TV is getting into the revival business, but with a twist
April 1st, 2021 under COZI TV. [ Comments: none ]

COZI TV is a retro channel, and they want to update their shows that are blasts from the past. Since they have such a huge library, they are going to mash up the reboots with their newly formed company, Wishful Thinking Productions.

They already have three shows ready to go, with a few more in the works. Lassie and The Lone Ranger team up for The Lone Collie. The faithful and preternaturally intelligent collie known as “Lassie” will don a mask, ride a horse and fight for justice in the old west.

Munsters on the Prairie breathes new life into Herman and his family as hard-scrabble pioneer monsters in 1870s Minnesota.

Bionic Columbo offers a sci-fi fantasy update in which the rumpled detective is given a six-million-dollar eye that can function as a microscope, telescope, and laser beam.

Still in the works, Emergency Angels! follows the day-to-day work of a trio of former fashion models turned EMTs in Honolulu, Hawaii. Finally, Will & Hutch details the work of a gay lawyer recently relocated to L.A. and his hard-boiled cop buddy; while Starsky & Grace features a retired L.A. cop returning to N.Y. to follow his dream of becoming an interior designer.

I am sold on these series, especially after watching the promo above! Too bad the RevivUps are not real. I seriously would watch all of them. Since they are not real, you can watch the real shows weekdays on COZI TV.


Watch Michael Landon go from angel to demon in these bloopers
March 16th, 2021 under Bloopers, COZI TV. [ Comments: none ]

I love watching bloopers, even more so from older shows. Cozi TV released some outtakes from Highway to Heaven.

It is nice to Michael Landon and Victor French have some fun on the tear-inducing drama from the ’80s. I especially love the way that Landon was able to contort his face into the Devil. I am sure that was the only devilish thing about him, his humor.


Cozi TV gives Leslie Jordan his own week!
June 9th, 2020 under COZI TV, Leslie Jordan. [ Comments: none ]

Some of us have known about Leslie Jordan’s greatness for a while. However, there are a bunch of people who are just discovering him now. Cozi TV found a way to give his new and old fans something they needed and didn’t know. A week full Beverly Leslie on Will & Grace. He was so good on the show, they gave him an Emmy for his supporting role.

Starting on June 15th at 1a, we will get twice the Leslie, or two episodes each night featuring Karen Walker’s archenemies. What more could you ask for? Well, well, well, maybe they could also show his Boston Legal episodes.

To see which episodes of his they are airing, then click here!


A Munsters flash mob!
October 26th, 2016 under COZI TV, Flash Mobs, Halloween. [ Comments: none ]

This weekend Cozi TV is going to air a marathon of The Munsters starting at 1p in honor of Halloween, so they came up with a flashy way to promote it. They had 52 people take part in a flash mob at Times Squares with two of the people dressed up as Herman and Lily Munster. Not only that, they even danced to the iconic theme song.
If the #MunsterStomp doesn’t want make you want to watch the most normal unnormal family to ever grace out TV sets, then I don’t know what will do it. Well it is also the perfect show for this holiday weekend.



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