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[ # ] COZI TV is getting into the revival business, but with a twist
April 1st, 2021 under COZI TV

COZI TV is a retro channel, and they want to update their shows that are blasts from the past. Since they have such a huge library, they are going to mash up the reboots with their newly formed company, Wishful Thinking Productions.

They already have three shows ready to go, with a few more in the works. Lassie and The Lone Ranger team up for The Lone Collie. The faithful and preternaturally intelligent collie known as “Lassie” will don a mask, ride a horse and fight for justice in the old west.

Munsters on the Prairie breathes new life into Herman and his family as hard-scrabble pioneer monsters in 1870s Minnesota.

Bionic Columbo offers a sci-fi fantasy update in which the rumpled detective is given a six-million-dollar eye that can function as a microscope, telescope, and laser beam.

Still in the works, Emergency Angels! follows the day-to-day work of a trio of former fashion models turned EMTs in Honolulu, Hawaii. Finally, Will & Hutch details the work of a gay lawyer recently relocated to L.A. and his hard-boiled cop buddy; while Starsky & Grace features a retired L.A. cop returning to N.Y. to follow his dream of becoming an interior designer.

I am sold on these series, especially after watching the promo above! Too bad the RevivUps are not real. I seriously would watch all of them. Since they are not real, you can watch the real shows weekdays on COZI TV.


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