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Bruno Mars’ music makes for a good Soap Opera
March 15th, 2019 under Bruno Mars, James Corden, Kate Beckinsale, This Is Us. [ Comments: none ]

James Corden and his staff from The Late Late Show took the lyrics from Bruno Mars’ song and created a Soap Opera scene with the singer’s words. Then they asked Kate Beckinsale and Milo Ventimiglia to star in it with the CBS late night host.

What we got is the best scene from a daytime drama in a long time. If only they did stuff like this on shows like The Bold and the Beautiful, more people would be watching. I miss when soaps were this good.

Ventimiglia missed his calling because he is natural for daytime TV. Don’t you agree?


Does this Cardi B/Bruno Mars song, that gets you in the mood, please you?
March 4th, 2019 under Bruno Mars. [ Comments: none ]

We all have songs that get us in the mood for sex. Marvin Gaye was the king of the genre. Although, his songs, as sexy as they are, are still PG-13.

Cardi B and Bruno Mars take it up a notch with their single Please Me because it needs to be rated R. After listening to it, I need a man to do what the song title says to do. Seriously, are you as turned on as I am?

Poison might have sung Talk Dirty to Me, but this song really does it.


Bruno Mars donates 24K Thanksgiving meals to his home state
November 13th, 2018 under Bruno Mars. [ Comments: none ]

Bruno Mars made a lot of money with his album 24K and he is giving back some of that gold to his home state of Hawaii. The singer donated to the Salvation Army — Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Division’s 48th annual Thanksgiving Dinner meal program. A donation totaling 24,000 meals to Hawaiians in need according to Honolulu Star Advertiser.

Not only has he created some of the best music of his generation, but he is also showing other singers he has the heart as big as tunes.


Bruno Mars uses his 24K to pay another rocker to sing happy birthday to him
October 8th, 2018 under Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran. [ Comments: none ]

Today is Bruno Mars’ 33rd birthday, and he wanted to make it special for himself. Therefore, he paid a singer as famous as him to sing happy birthday to him. Not just any musician, but Ed Sheeran. Since it is his special day, he personalized the tune just for him. Therefore, Sheeran had to sing it with the proper amount of uptown funk. If you are paying someone to sing for you, once is just not good enough! For one night Sheeran was Mars’ bitch and we get to enjoy it!


How long until Bruno Mars says to the koala I wanna marry you?
March 29th, 2018 under Bruno Mars. [ Comments: none ]

A post shared by Bruno Mars (@brunomars) on

Even though Bruno Mars has that Uptown Funk, he also has that 24K Magic when it comes to telling cheesy jokes. The singer got to meet a koala on a break from his Australian tour and it was love at first site. What happens when you are in love? You get all lovey dovey and say the cheesiest stuff. That is exactly what he did.

But that is not why I adored this video so much, it was seeing how much in love they are. The ending when his new furry gal cannot wait to kiss him just warmed my very cold heart. Too bad she does not wear clothes because then I could say you know she left her Versace on the Floor at the end of the night! Or was that just the beginning…

That is what I like. Did you like it too?


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