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Is Brad Pitt on Tinder?
January 24th, 2020 under Brad Pitt. [ Comments: none ]

On Sunday night, when Brad Pitt won the SAG Award, the first thing he said during his acceptance speech is, “I got to add this to my Tinder profile.” Well, the next day a lot of women signed up hoping to get a chance to swipe right on the father of six.

Is there a chance he will swipe right on them? None. Not because he is not interested. It is because he is not on it. In fact, he told Extra’s Renee Barg, “I’m not even really sure how it all works.” Why did he say it then? He explained, “It just sounded funny to me.”

If he decides to join, I am sure there are a lot of people who are more than willing to teach him how to do it. Heck, I would teach him. I am enjoying the new Brad Pitt, who likes to laugh more than the serious one we used to know.


Who cares who won SAG Awards, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were photographed together
January 20th, 2020 under Brad Pitt, Friends (cast). [ Comments: none ]

Ever since both Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were both nominated for Golden Globe Awards, everyone wanted to see if we would see the exes together again. It did not happen on that night. However, it happened yesterday after they both won SAG Awards.

Thankfully, there was a photographer there to capture the moment. Now, it will be the most spread photos since her other reunion. You know the one with her Friends and not the one with her “good friend” as Pitt described her two weeks ago.

Now that we have seen them together, how much do you want to bet there will be reports that they got remarried and she is pregnant with their first child together. That is why her nipples kept poking through her white gown. She needed to put those things away.


Brad Pitt got his first kiss in fourth grade
January 9th, 2020 under Brad Pitt. [ Comments: none ]

Brad Pitt is one of the actors that most people want to kiss. Before the actor became super kissable, he had to have his first kiss.

Pitt told W Magazine that it happened when he was in fourth grade. He and Lisa planned to meet in her garage, a block from his house. The anticipation was a lot for him, but he went over and “did the deal”. How did it go? He doesn’t remember, all he remembers is running home “because it was just too much.”

Was she his first crush? Far from it, he had crushes starting in kindergarten. He admits he is “addicted.” Just like we are addicted to him.


Brad Pitt reveals he is friends with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston
January 6th, 2020 under Brad Pitt. [ Comments: none ]

Ever since Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were both nominated for Golden Globes this year, people wondered if the exes would bump into each other at some time during the event. Therefore, when Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier got him on the red carpet, he asked him just that.

Pitt said he would have no problem running into his ex-wife because “she’s a good friend.” Then the Golden Globe winner realized if the press got the photo, it would be her “second most important reunion of her year.” The first of course being with her other Friends.

Now that Pitt admits that they are friends, how long until someone reports they are more than just friends? Or have they already done that? It has been 24 hours, what are they waiting for?

Personally, I hope he is single and stays that way because I like him better this way. He seems more carefree and willing to joke with the anchor. I mean why else would he admit that he gets up several times in the middle of the night to pee. Angelina Jolie would probably never let him tell anyone he has an enlarged prostate. That would be a sign he is not perfect. However, not being perfect makes him perfect.

BTW Am I the only one who wanted Sharon Osbourne to be quiet? It is not about her, and Frazier was getting good stuff out of Pitt. It could have been better if she did not make it about herself. The red carpet is not The Talk, so she should not talk like it is the talk show.


Ed Norton really punched Brad Pitt in the ear in Fight Club
October 7th, 2019 under Brad Pitt, Ed Norton, Jimmy Fallon. [ Comments: none ]

Remember in Fight Club when Ed Norton awkwardly punched Brad Pitt in the ear? Turns out the actor really clocked him there.

Yesterday when Norton was on The Tonight Show, he told Jimmy Fallon that the director, David Fincher, told him to connect with one of his co-star’s body parts. Therefore, he just went for it and nailed Pitt’s hearing organ.

Which is a good thing because had Norton done anything to destroy that beautiful face, he probably would not have worked in this town again. Which means, I would not have had Death to Smoochy. And it is all about me.

If you have never seen the film (like me) or forgot the scene, then click here!


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