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Does Barbara Eden think that Jeannie should have gotten married?
June 17th, 2024 under Barbara Eden. [ Comments: none ]

In 1965, Barbara Eden’s life changed forever when I Dream of Jeannie debuted on television. Since then, the comedy about a genie who is released by an astronaut and they fall in love, has never left our TV sets.

On December 2. 1969, Jeannie (Barbara Eden) and Major Nelson (Larry Hagman) got married. Five months later, NBC divorced themselves from the show. That is when we learned that when the “are they or aren’t they” couples get married, the show barely makes it past the honeymoon stage, like Who’s the Boss, The Nanny, and Castle, to name a few.

So, with that legacy, does Eden think they made the right to marry them off? Last week, when she was at The Hollywood Show, she was asked that very question. “No, they should’ve married. Never.” Then she explained, “She wasn’t human. I mean, come on. She was an entity [?]. And that was part of the funny part of the show, was that she thought that she could just be a human. And he knew she wasn’t. Then they just made her a housewife. She wasn’t a housewife.”

I understand what she is saying, but as a kid, I didn’t care about that. As an adult, I still don’t care about the reality of it all. Do you?

Now, let’s talk about the 92-year-old actress. What was in Jeannie’s bottle? She still looks like she did on the show. She is still just as gorgeous!


A ’60s boy’s wet dream: Barbara Eden and Priscilla Presley? 
August 16th, 2022 under Barbara Eden, Elvis Presley, Wet dream. [ Comments: none ]

Back in the late ’60s, boys were dreaming of Jeannie and couldn’t help falling in love with Mrs. Elvis Presley. However, the two gorgeous women never met to give them the three-way image for them to fantasize over.

That is until now because Barbara Eden. 90, shared a photo of herself meeting Priscilla Presley, 77, at Graceland during Elvis Week. It might be over a half-century later, but they are both still just as beautiful, if not even more so. I want to know their secret.

BTW While Eden never met Priscilla until now, she met Elvis back in the late ’50s when they made the movie Flaming Star. I am sure they talked about how good of a kisser the King of Rock was.


Is Barbara Eden really 90 years young?
April 1st, 2022 under Are they really their age?, Barbara Eden. [ Comments: none ]

There was something in that Jeannie bottle that Barbara Eden lived in because the I Dream of Jeannie star hasn’t aged a day since 1965. Don’t believe me? Look at the actress, and tell me old you think she is? You would not have guessed 90 if I didn’t tell you.

If that is what being a nonagenarian looks like, then I am looking forward to it.


BTWF: Barbara Eden in Bachelor Father
December 21st, 2021 under Barbara Eden, Before They Were Famous. [ Comments: none ]

Before Barbara Eden was married to the Major on I Dream of Jeannie, she was dating the Bachelor Father. How beautiful was the 26-year-old in that 1957 episode?


What storyline does Barbara Eden think was the demise of I Dream of Jeannie?
December 20th, 2021 under Barbara Eden. [ Comments: none ]

I Dream of Jeannie is one of the most beloved TV shows. It has been on the air ever since it debuted. However, it did get cancelled after five seasons in 1970.

Barbara Eden feels it could have gone longer, and she has a theory of why it ended. Over the weekend, the actress tweeted, “What was your favorite episode of I Dream of Jeannie? Mine was the pilot and The Wedding, although marrying Jeannie and Tony was a mistake and ultimately brought about the end of the show, also she was just a wisp of smoke, even if SHE thought she was real! -B”

Do you agree with her? TV experts believe her because it is noted as the first show to get the ax for this reason. Other shows that met their fate the same way are Moonlighting, Who’s the Boss?, and The Nanny. Once the sexual tension is gone, so is the show.


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