Seriously? OMG! WTF? » Ashley Tisdale is most women once a month
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[ # ] Ashley Tisdale is most women once a month
September 2nd, 2021 under Ashley Tisdale

Once a month, women are not fun to be around. It is not our fault. It is our Aunt Flo’s fault. That bitch comes and raises hell on our hormones. Since we can’t yell at her, we take it out on the closest human we can find.

For Ashley Tisdale, it is her husband, Christopher French. The new mom shared a video of what it is like to live with her when her aunt comes for a visit. I would feel bad for him, but she just gave birth five months ago. He needs to deal with it because she had his baby and what did he do after the night they made Jupiter Iris? Nothing. He didn’t carry her. He didn’t birth. He didn’t breastfeed her. All he did was have sex with his wife and enjoy it. Dealing with her hormonal changes is the least he can do.

Can you tell my Aunt Flo called and told me she is coming over. That bitch.


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