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BTWF: Alan Tudyk in Patch Adams
January 27th, 2021 under Alan Tudyk, Before They Were Famous. [ Comments: none ]

Before Alan Tudyk was an alien trapped on Earth in Resident Alien, he was a patient trapped in a hospital in Patch Adams. He looks the same now as he did when he was 26 in that 1998 movie.


It is Doom Patrol vs a gigantic rat and a colossal cockroach!
May 24th, 2019 under Alan Tudyk, DC Comics. [ Comments: none ]

The season finale of Doom Patrol is streaming on DC Universe now and everything has been leading up to this moment.

Last week, when we left off, The Doom Patrol left the Chief (Timothy Dalton) after he told them that he created them. Since then they have gone their separate ways. Rita (April Bowlby) and Negative Man (Matt Bomer) are living together. She is teaching acting to students. While he is seeing how long he can handle having the negative energy outside of his body. Jane (Diane Guerrero) is on her own, but she is secretly getting help from Robotman (Brendan Fraser), who is watching over her. Finally, Cyborg (Joivan Wade) is back with his dad.

While we watch them survive by themselves, we see how The Chief created them in flashbacks. It is not going to be easy to watch Vic become Cyborg.

Then they are all going to hear a song nonstop (not going to tell you which one it is, but it is an earworm) that is going to bring them back together. The Chief asks them for a favor, but why would they help him? After all, he destroyed all of their lives. Eventually, they will have to give in because Mr. Nobody (Alan Tudyk) is planning to destroy them all. He will have a little help from a gigantic rat and a colossal cockroach (Curtis Armstrong)! Which is my nightmare so I will not be sleeping tonight.

It is going to be an epic battle and maybe not every one of our heroes is going to make it to season 2. Which they better get because this is the best superhero show on television. Tell me what other show has a mass orgasm, an openly gay character, lots of sex and cursing, and doing other things no show in the genre would dream of doing, Well they dream of doing it, they just can’t.

That is what makes DC Universe a must have app, they can be as bad as they want to be. Next week, they introduce us to Swamp Thing. I am one episode in and I am already loving it.

I just want to add, it was nice that Tudyk finally got an episode of his own. You can tell he has been having fun all season, but in this episode, he really went for it. Which is why he is a hidden comedic treasure.


Is Nathan Fillion secretly bald?
November 21st, 2017 under Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion. [ Comments: none ]

Alan Tudyk shared a photo of his friend and Firefly costar Nathan Fillion without any hair on the top of his head, so has TV’s mystery writer given us a mystery to solve? In other words, has Castle been wigging it along? Yes, but only on Tudyk’s Syfy show ConMan that you should totally be watching on their app because it is hilarious.

Now back to Fillion and his hair, it is just as luxurious as ever. Don’t believe me, then click here!


Firefly’s Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk switch ships!
June 20th, 2017 under Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion. [ Comments: none ]

Back in 2002, Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk were all about flying in a spaceship in outer space on Firefly. Now almost 15 years later, they are all about riding in a boat in the water. What a difference a decade and a half make. At least in their mode of the transportation. Their friendship is the one thing that has remained constant. Well that and that pose, of course.

With all of the revivals, why haven’t they brought back this show?


Powerless is the superhero of sitcoms!!!
February 2nd, 2017 under Alan Tudyk, DC Comics, NBC. [ Comments: none ]

DC Comics is going to where is has never gone before, it is entering the world of comedy. Tonight at 8:30p, Powerless flies on to NBC as the first sitcom from the people who brought us Batman and Superman, and it is full of powerful laughs!
Emily Locke (Vanessa Hudgens) grew up in a flyover city and she just accepted a job in Charm City. You see, flyover cities are where there aren’t any superheros and now she is moving to one where they are full of them. It is a dream come true for her, but not for the people who live there because they are so over it. Thankfully, they now have Emily, who is there to invent things that will help to keep those without powers safe.
She is the new Director of Research & Development for Wayne Security, a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises, and she has a team to help her out. They are Teddy (Danny Pudi) and Ron (Ron Funches) and they are the creative, brains and executioners behind the products. Emily is there to motivate them and they really need it.
Van Wayne (Alan Tudyk) is the boss and Bruce Wayne’s cousin, and all he wants to do is be promoted to Gotham City with all the cool people. He knows that Charm City is on its last days and he can’t wait for it to end. Therefore, he does nothing to encourage with anyone.
Too bad he hired Emily because she is there to save the day and the change the World! But how long can she keep that going? We will just have to keep tuning in every week to find out in this workplace comedy where you can see that everyone really gets along on and off of camera! Because of that chemistry this show more than works!


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