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Firefly’s Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk switch ships!
June 20th, 2017 under Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion. [ Comments: none ]

Back in 2002, Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk were all about flying in a spaceship in outer space on Firefly. Now almost 15 years later, they are all about riding in a boat in the water. What a difference a decade and a half make. At least in their mode of the transportation. Their friendship is the one thing that has remained constant. Well that and that pose, of course.

With all of the revivals, why haven’t they brought back this show?


Powerless is the superhero of sitcoms!!!
February 2nd, 2017 under Alan Tudyk, DC Comics, NBC. [ Comments: none ]

DC Comics is going to where is has never gone before, it is entering the world of comedy. Tonight at 8:30p, Powerless flies on to NBC as the first sitcom from the people who brought us Batman and Superman, and it is full of powerful laughs!
Emily Locke (Vanessa Hudgens) grew up in a flyover city and she just accepted a job in Charm City. You see, flyover cities are where there aren’t any superheros and now she is moving to one where they are full of them. It is a dream come true for her, but not for the people who live there because they are so over it. Thankfully, they now have Emily, who is there to invent things that will help to keep those without powers safe.
She is the new Director of Research & Development for Wayne Security, a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises, and she has a team to help her out. They are Teddy (Danny Pudi) and Ron (Ron Funches) and they are the creative, brains and executioners behind the products. Emily is there to motivate them and they really need it.
Van Wayne (Alan Tudyk) is the boss and Bruce Wayne’s cousin, and all he wants to do is be promoted to Gotham City with all the cool people. He knows that Charm City is on its last days and he can’t wait for it to end. Therefore, he does nothing to encourage with anyone.
Too bad he hired Emily because she is there to save the day and the change the World! But how long can she keep that going? We will just have to keep tuning in every week to find out in this workplace comedy where you can see that everyone really gets along on and off of camera! Because of that chemistry this show more than works!


C-3PO said, ‘F*ck you,’ to K-2SO
December 19th, 2016 under Alan Tudyk, Conan O'Brien, Star Wars. [ Comments: none ]

Even though Rogue One takes place almost as many years as before the amount of time it has been since Star Wars has come out, a lot has changed in the galaxy of film making in that time.
Back when Anthony Daniels played the lovable droid, he actually had to get into that costume. Alan Tudyk told Conan O’Brien on his TBS late night show that when played K-2SO, they recorded his movements for Motion Capture. Which is a lot easier to do. Therefore it makes sense that when Daniels found that out, he said to Tudyk, “You Sh!t!” If the Firefly star thought those words were harsh, they ain’t nothing as compared to what happened after C-P30 saw the film. He had just two words for the newest droid in the franchise and they were F*ck and you! Can you blame him?
When it comes to Tudyk, can you believe in his lengthy and respectable career, this was first late night interview. He nailed it! Can’t wait to see him do more.


A Firefly reunion!
September 28th, 2015 under Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion. [ Comments: 3 ]

It has been 13 years since Firefly debuted and 10 years since the movie of the cancelled-too soon-show came out, and yet the three male leads looks just as close now as they did a decade ago.
Nathan Fillion shared a photo of himself with Alan Tudyk and Adam Baldwin, and asked, “Does this win the Internet, or break it? #coolboys.” So you tell me what happens when Mal, Wash and Cobb get together?


BTWF roles: Alan Tudyk in Patch Adams
January 4th, 2012 under Alan Tudyk, Before They Were Famous. [ Comments: none ]

Before Alan Tudyk was a dentist on Suburgatory, he needed a psychiatrist in Patch Adams. He looks the same now as he did when he was 26 in that 1998 movie.
Bonus here he is talking about why he was so hyper in that scene in 2008:


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