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[ # ] Watch Matt Bomer transform into his Doom Patrol unwrapped persona
March 8th, 2019 under DC Comics, Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer plays Mr. Negative on DC Universe’s Doom Patrol. His character flew into negative energy and that caused him to crash his plane. The plane caught fire with him in it and he was left with burns on his body from his head down to his toes.

On last Friday’s episode, we got to see what he looked like shortly after the crash and before he covered his whole body up with bandages like a mummy or the Invisible Man. Let’s just say it was not a pretty site for the pretty actor.

How do you make such an attractive man, unattractive? He showed us in a time-lapse video what the makeup department had to do to achieve that transformation. It looks easy in a short video, but in reality, it was not.

Bomer wrote this message with the video, “Wanted to give a special shoutout to the incredible effects makeup team on @doompatroldcu. This takes anywhere from 4 to 5 hours and I actually look forward to spending the time with this team- they’re that fun. Thank you #travispates #billjohnson #toddwatson #derekgarcia #donanddebra and everyone else who helped out this season.”

Then the actor wanted to let us know that there is a new episode of the show up now on the streaming site. There is a reason why they are called Doom Patrol and this episode sets that up with when two new people crash their compound.

If you are not watching Doom Patrol, then you are missing out on the best new superhero show since Smallville. It is for us adults who want superheroes to do adult things if you know what I mean.

I have seen a lot of critics compare this to Umbrella Academy, and Doom Patrol is so much better. I did not even make it to episode four of the Netflix show. When it comes to the latter, I cannot wait to watch the next episode. Why do we have to wait a week?


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