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A lot of shows got full season pickups today!
October 19th, 2018 under CBS, Shonda Rhimes. [ Comments: none ]

Today several shows found out that they are joining NBC’s Manafest and New Amsterdam, CBS’s FBI and ABC’s Single Parents.

Over at Fox, The Cool Kids and Last Man Standing will be around until May. Meanwhile, Rel awaits its fate, but I doubt it will go past 13 episodes. Why Fox keeps scheduling live action shows on an animated night is beyond me.

ABC did not pick up any new shows today, but they did give Station 19 a full season. When it comes to the rest, I think A Million Little Things will get a 3 episode pick up. The Rookie will be around for a full season. But I am not sure what they will do with The Kids Are Alright because it is benefitting by The Conners. Can it do well without its lead-in? I highly doubt it.

CBS told The Neighborhood, Magnum PI and Gd Friended Me that they want to be friends with them all season long. Something I never would have called. I thought Magnum was going to stop at 13. Something I fear will happen to Happy Together, which I think is their best new show. Murphy Brown was only picked up for 13 and I think that will be all it will get.

It is too early for The CW to announce what they will do with Charmed and All American. I do not think All American will go all the way, but I do think Charmed will. That leaves NBC’s I Feel Bad and I feel bad that this show will most likely be 13 and done.

Finally, since it is rare that networks pull a show before it airs all of its episodes. I think if Alec Baldwin’s talk show does another really poor outing this Sunday, that it will be its last one.


Will Grey’s Anatomy’s sweet 16 be its swan song?
September 23rd, 2018 under Shonda Rhimes. [ Comments: none ]

Last year, Ellen Pompeo became TV’s highest paid actress, and now she is hinting she is ready to call it quits with the show when her contract expires at the end of next season.

Meredith Grey told Entertainment Weekly, “I’m clearly not prepared right now to make any kind of formal announcement about what my future is on the show, but I am really feeling like we have told the majority of the stories we can tell,” Then she added, “It’s about time that I mix it up. I’m definitely looking for a change.”

Without her, they say the show cannot go on. But didn’t they say that about ER when George Clooney left? Whatever, she decides to do as her next step, I doubt acting will be it. I think she is too typecast as the doctor to do anything else.

Would you be upset if she leaves the show and ABC pulls the plug on the medical soap opera?


Shonda Rhimes has 8 shows in the works at Netflix
July 21st, 2018 under Netflix, Shonda Rhimes. [ Comments: none ]

Eleven months ago, Netflix and Shonda Rhimes announced they were in bed together and now they releasing details about their first eight shows together.

Untitled Shonda Rhimes Project
Based on the New York Magazine article How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People by Jessica Pressler. Manhattan makes a new friend like no other. But is she the stuff American dreams are made of or is she New York’s biggest con woman? Is it a con if you enjoy being taken?
* Shonda Rhimes (EP) will create the series.

Untitled Bridgerton Project
Based on Julia Quinn’s best-selling series of novels, this smart feminist take on Regency England romance unveils the glittering, wealthy, sexual, painful, funny and sometimes lonely lives of the women and men in London’s high society marriage mart as told through the eyes of the powerful Bridgerton family.
* Scandal veteran Chris Van Dusen (EP) will adapt and showrun the series.

The Warmth of Other Suns
Based on Pulitzer-Prize winning author Isabel Wilkerson’s award-winning book of the same name, this powerful groundbreaking series tracks the decades-long migration of African-Americans fleeing the Jim Crow South in search of a better life in the North and the West between 1916 and 1970.
*National Humanities Medal recipient, MacArthur Genius Grant recipient and 2-time Drama Desk winning playwright Anna Deavere Smith (EP) is set to adapt.

Pick & Sepulveda
Set in the 1840s against the surreal and sensual backdrop of the then-Mexican state of California, the series tracks the end of an idyllic era there as American forces threaten brutality and war at the border to claim this breathtaking land for its own.
*Emmy-award writer Janet Leahy (EP) will create the series.

Reset: My Fight for Inclusion and Lasting Change
Netflix and Shondaland have acquired the rights to Ellen Pao’s groundbreaking memoir detailing her life and career, including the lawsuit she brought against her former employer that sparked intense media scrutiny, shook Silicon Valley to its boys’ club core and pre-saged the Time’s Up movement.

The Residence
Netflix and Shondaland have acquired the rights to Kate Andersen Brower’s brilliant nonfiction book The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House, which offers a vividly accurate insider’s account of White House residence staffers and the upstairs downstairs lives they share with the First Families at one of the most famous homes in history.

Sunshine Scouts
In this darkly comedic half-hour series, an apocalyptic disaster spares a rag-tag group of teenage girls at sleepaway camp who must then summon their moxie and survival skills to weather the fallout and ensure all that remains of humanity abides by the Sunshine Scout Law.
*Writer/actress Jill Alexander (Co-EP) will create the series.

Hot Chocolate Nutcracker
This documentary offers a behind-the-scenes look at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy’s award-winning reimagining of the classic ballet, The Nutcracker. This staged contemporization – with its inclusive cast of all ages and its blend of dance traditions – has further cemented Debbie Allen’s legacy as one of the greatest forces for good in dance.
*Oliver Bokelberg (DP/Director Scandal) will serve as director, cinematographer and producer.

No word when they will debut, but when they do, people will be binging them like crazy.

Which ones sound like the best one for you?


Seems like a no grey anatomy, ABC renews Grey’s Anatomy
April 21st, 2018 under Shonda Rhimes. [ Comments: none ]

Late last night, ABC announced that they renewed Grey’s Anatomy for a 15th season without Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw. The announcement seems odd because I think we thought it was already picked up. Guess not.

Are you glad it is back or do you wish they would already pull the plug on this medical drama?


Did Ellen Pompeo just blame the writers for her costars being fired?
March 22nd, 2018 under Ellen DeGeneres, Shonda Rhimes. [ Comments: none ]

Ever since it was announced that Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw were fired from Grey’s Anatomy, fans have blamed Ellen Pompeo’s salary increase for their firing. Meredith Grey denied that on Twitter and today she denies it again on Ellen.

She told Ellen DeGeneres, “I’m not involved in these kind of decisions. However, there’s a few problems that you encounter for doing a show for 14 seasons. One of them is the writers have a really hard time creatively, you know thinking up new stories for all of these characters.” While that is true, a much bigger problem for an ageing show is cost. And I think that played a bigger role in the elimination of those roles than the writers lack of creativity.

It seems like the cast of ER was able to leave on their own accord and they weren’t fired like the actors seem to be on this show. That show went on for 15 years and launched several careers.

Back to Pompeo, she then said to DeGeneres, “It is important to us to not pit women against each other.” I don’t think they are pitting her against Drew and Capshaw, they are just pitting her paycheck to theirs.

One of the things I respect about sitcom actors over drama ones, is the casts work together to make sure all the leads are paid equally. Yes, she has been on the show longer than Capshaw and Drew, but she has been on the same amount of time as the other originals and I am sure they are not making nearly as much as she is. Why didn’t she try to get them a break too like the TBBT cast did for two of their co-stars. Just saying.

And why hasn’t NBC given ER a revival? What is George Clooney doing these days anyways?


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