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Caption Ken Jeong and John Cho!
June 29th, 2023 under Caption the Celeb, John Cho, Ken Jeong. [ Comments: none ]

This photo of Ken Jeong and John Cho at the premiere of Apple TV+’s The After Party has caption me written all over it, so go ahead and do it.


BTWF: Halle Berry competing in the Miss USA Pageant
June 29th, 2023 under Before They Were Famous, Halle Berry, Miss America/ Miss USA. [ Comments: none ]

Before Halle Berry was an Oscar winner, she was first runner-up in the Miss USA Pageant. The 19-year-old was robbed in that 1986 beauty pageant.


The Poltergeist clown sold for over $650,000
June 29th, 2023 under Movies. [ Comments: none ]

PropstoreAuction is having a 3-day Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction, and one of the items sold for over $250,000 more than what they were asking for. What is it? The scary clown from the original Poltergeist.

Yes, the doll, which has been giving people nightmares since 1982, was bought by someone. The auction house was estimating that it would go for somewhere people $200,000-$400,000. However, it went for $656,250 after 32 bids.

What the actual fuck? I am not scared of clowns. But that thing scared the fucking shit out of me. Who would want that thing? No. No. No. No. Did I say no?

If I walked into a room with that thing. I would go to the auto store, buy some gas, and set the house on fire. No court would convict me. I would be like I saw the clown from Poltergeist in that house and was destroying it so it wouldn’t terrorize anyone else. Not only would they acquit me, but they would also give me the key to the city.

What is the one prop that will forever haunt your nightmares?


Fall Out Boy lights the fire to We Didn’t Start the Fire
June 29th, 2023 under Billy Joel, Fall Out Boy/ Ashlee Simpson. [ Comments: none ]

Billy Joel released We Didn’t Start the Fire in 1989. Since then, there have been a lot of events that have happened which should be added to the tune. So Fall Out Boy is doing for Joel.

Although, they somehow forgot to mention COVID, Monica Lewinsky, Y2K, Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Netflix, and The Rock.

What do you think they left out?

I know; I am talking about what was missing. But what wasn’t missing is how great it is!

Thank you for updating the time-defining song. I wonder who will do it next?


Naomi Campbell is a mum of two
June 29th, 2023 under Naomi Campbell. [ Comments: none ]

In 2021, Naomi Campbell surprised us when she welcomed her first child at 50. Today, she did it again when she announced that she is a new mother again.

She wrote this with the above photo, “My little darling, know that you are cherished beyond measure and surrounded by love from the moment you graced us with your presence. A True Gift from God 🙏🏾, blessed! Welcome Babyboy. 💙🍼✨ #mumoftwo ❤️💙

“It’s never too late to become a mother.”

Campbell has yet to release her daughter’s name, so I don’t think we will find out her son’s name anytime soon.

Congrats to the Supermodel!


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