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Happy birth day George Jetson!
July 31st, 2022 under Odd. [ Comments: none ]

According to the internet, today is the day that George Jetson was born. So in 40 years, we will all be living in the sky, flying around in cars, and owning robot maids. Therefore, enjoy this primative lifestyle for as long as we have it because everything we see on television is real! Even the animated shows.

BTW I wonder if somewhere in the world, someone is going to name their child that is born today George. And that George will grow up to be Geroge Jetson. Things that make you go, hmm.


Watch Stranger Things’ Joseph Quinn jam with Metallica
July 29th, 2022 under Metallica, Netflix. [ Comments: none ]

One of the memorable moments from this season of Stranger Things is when Eddie Munson rocked out to his death strumming out to Metallica’s Master of Puppets.

Well, Joseph Quinn, who played the lovable character, got to meet the band at Lollapalooza. Not only did he meet them, but he also got to play that song with them! The actor did such a bitchin’ job that they gave him a guitar that looked like one from the show and autographed it for him.

I am not a fan of Metallica (Napster, good! Metallica, bad!), but this almost made me like them. But then again, it is the least they can do because the Netflix series helped them climb the charts again by choosing their song.


Do we need a Max Headroom reboot?
July 29th, 2022 under Revivals-Reboots. [ Comments: none ]

Max Headroom was one of the most talked about television shows of the late ’80s. In fact, we are still talking about the computer-generated newsman. So much so, AMC Networks is considering rebooting the series that was set in the future, according to Deadline.

The site also says that they want Matt Frewer to reprise his role. That is a good thing because, for me, whenever I see Frewer in anything, I see him as Headroom.

The bad news, for me, is I tried to watch the series a few years ago. Sadly, it doesn’t hold up. Therefore, I don’t think a reboot will do well. But I could be wrong.


Tears for Fears’ Curt Smith gives an update on his injured ribs
July 29th, 2022 under Tears For Fears. [ Comments: none ]

Tears for Fears were finally back on the road, but they had to cancel their tour due to Curt Smith injuring his ribs. Now that the singer is back home, he gave us an update on his condition.

My update: Glad to be home & resting. Had a full CT scan on Friday and it appears I actually have 4 fractured ribs. That would explain the level of pain. Thankfully none are displaced enough to require surgery & should heal on their own in 6-8 weeks from the injury. ❤️.

Thankfully, Smith doesn’t need surgery. Hopefully, he will be better soon, and then the band can go back on the road, much to the delight of their fans.


Hershey’s just made Halloween go from special to dark
July 29th, 2022 under Junk Food. [ Comments: none ]

As if 2020-too could not get any worse, we got even more devastating news. Hershey’s announced yesterday that they will not meet the Halloween and Christmas demand for their sweets.

Why? Because our fat asses have been eating too much of their product since the pandemic started, and they can’t keep up with demand.

“[We] have a strategy of prioritizing everyday on-shelf availability,” CEO Michele Buck said on the conference call yesterday, according to CBS News. “It was a tough decision to balance that with the seasons, but we thought that was really important.”

Which candies will be in shorter supply? They are Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Kit Kat, Mr. Goodbar, Almond Joy, Jolly Ranchers, Hershey’s Kisses, Good & Plenty, Heath Bars, Milk Duds, Mounds, Payday, Rolo, Twizzlers, Whatchamacallit, Whoppers, York Peppermint Patties, and Special Dark.

So if you like me, who used to look forward to Halloween for those little Special Dark bars, this news is especially devastating.

And to the little kids who live around me. I don’t care what they say; it is OK to take candy from a baby. So if I see you with Special Darks in your bags, they will be mine!!!


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