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I am rooting for Cinderella’s evil stepsisters
June 30th, 2021 under Prime Video. [ Comments: none ]

Amazon Prime is bringing Cinderella to life again on September 3rd. This time she will be played by Camila Cabello with Billy Porter as her Fairy Godfather.

While it is just a tease, I am not sure if we needed to see her story again, even with the changes. At least not this musical version. Maybe it is just the way the audio was mixed, but Cabello’s voice came off as really whiny. If it wasn’t the mix, then I don’t know how we are going to be able to watch the film without earplugs.

What do you think? Will you be watching?


Donny Osmond is still white and nerdy
June 30th, 2021 under The Osmonds. [ Comments: none ]

Donny Osmond. Who? Donny Osmond. Anyways he is back with new music. What do you do if you have a new song out? You shoot a music video for it.

That is exactly what Donny Osmond did. Who? Actually, Who is the name of his newest single.

Back to the video. All I see is him dancing as he did in Weird Al Yankovic’s White & Nerdy. Not that I am complaining, I am stating a fact.

Another fact is that I will always have puppy love for him.


Did you know fish are ticklish?
June 30th, 2021 under Awesome Videos. [ Comments: none ]

Forget Tickle Me Elmo. I am all about tickling a fish from now on.

Mafishguy shared a video of him tickling a fish’s belly and the fish reacting by laughing.

I never thought a fish’s face could bring me so much joy, but it does. So, I told my cat I am trading her in. She reminded me of the whole food chain thing and then showed me the key she made of my place. I guess, I won’t be getting one.

However, she can’t stop me from watching the video in a loop all day long. Or can she?


Shaq believes he can fly
June 30th, 2021 under Shaquille O'Neal. [ Comments: none ]

I think that Shaquille O’Neal is so tall that he is not getting enough oxygen up there. Why do I say that? Watch this video of Shaq running around with wings made of money. How else can you explain that?


AJ McLean really needs to get back on stage
June 30th, 2021 under AJ McLean. [ Comments: none ]

It has been over a year since the Backstreet Boys have been on the stage together, and it looks like AJ McLean really needs to be back with his boys.

I say that because while he was in a store in Las Vegas, he saw four mannequins, who look like his bandmates, and he started to dance with them.

Therefore, he needs to go back on the road ASAP, or mannequins around the world are not safe from his dance moves. Save the mannequins.


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