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Donny Osmond is apologizing for misleading us since 1970
May 31st, 2023 under The Osmonds. [ Comments: none ]

Ever since 1970, Donny Osmond and his brothers, The Osmonds, have been singing, “One bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch, girl.” And we believed him.

There is only one problem. According to science, it does.

So 53 years later, Donny has a message for his fans on social media. “This is a very difficult post for me to make,” he said. “I would like to apologize to everyone I have misled. I’ve been teaching a lie since 1970, and I am so sorry. Science has proven me wrong.”

How has science proved him wrong? One rotten apple will cause the other apples to ripen quicker. So one bad apple does spoil the bunch.

Do you accept his apology? How can we not? Because we will always have puppy love for him and his purple socks. And it is not like that is the only song that has lied to us. The Vapors never turned Japanese. The Summer of ’69 was not about the year. And so on.


A fan of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’s wet dream: Michael Damian and Donny Osmond
February 17th, 2023 under Michael Damian, The Osmonds. [ Comments: none ]

Back in the ’90s, Michael Damian played the lead in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat on Broadway, and Donny Osmond played the role on other stages and in a direct-to-video version of it. Unfortunately, we never saw the two Josephs together.

Well, that has changed. Because yesterday the Rock On singer showed his puppy love towards Osmond when he went to see his friend who was performing in Vegas at Harrah’s. And now I am going to have a wet dream.

I hope that someone shows this photo to Andrew Lloyd Webber, and the playwright is so inspired by it that he writes a musical about dueling Joseph in their Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoats. I know it wasn’t in the bible. But other people make up stuff from that book all the time.

When it comes to who is my favorite, Joseph, all I will say is I saw Damian do it twice on Broadway!


Nothing comes between Marie Osmond and Taco Bell
December 20th, 2022 under The Osmonds. [ Comments: none ]

Marie Osmond is on tour, and she was hungry after a show. So when she saw that there was a Taco Bell that was open, she decided that is where they were going to eat.

There was just one little problem. Only the drive-thru was open, and their tour bus didn’t fit.

What to do? Osmond got out, in the snow, and placed the large order on foot. Then, she waited behind the cars until it was her turn to pay and pick up the food.

Once all of that was handled, it was time for her to eat her burrito with extra cheese and onions. I feel bad for the person who had to sleep near her after that.

BTW I have mad respect for Osmond for getting out of the bus and ordering all of that food. If I were her, I would’ve said I am too big of a star to do that.


Can Donny Osmond and Sherri Shepherd be any cuter?
September 22nd, 2022 under Sherri Shepherd, The Osmonds. [ Comments: none ]

Sherri Shepherd hasn’t been hosting her daytime TV talk show for less than two weeks, and she has already had one of her dreams come true.

Back when the host was a teenager, she had Puppy Love for Donny Osmond and would kiss his poster on her wall. Years later, she told the singer that, and he never forgot.

Today, when he was on her daytime show, he brought that up. Then he offered to give her a kiss. So she puckered up, and he went in to make her dream come true! And we got to witness a sweet moment that will leave us calling our dentists because it gave us a cavity.

If that was not cute enough, Osmond ran up to the camera and said, “Honey, if you are watching, I’m sorry.” Then Shepherd did the same and had a different message for his wife, Debbie, “If you’re watching, I’m not!!!”

If Shepherd keeps having awwdorable unpredictable moments like this one on her show, she is going to be around for a long time. And I can’t wait to see what happens next.


Watch Marie Osmond transform herself into Marilyn Monroe 
June 2nd, 2022 under The Osmonds. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday was Marilyn Monrow’s 96th birthday. To honor the occasion, Marie Osmond made herself up to look like the legendary beauty. Especially since Osmond realized that she has the same measurements as Monroe. Well, at least from the neck up. So the singer used her knowledge of sculpting dolls and applied the same technique to her face.

Do you think she makes some like it hot or she should stay at the Bus Stop?


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