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Will Forte reveals what would have happened next on Last Man on Earth
July 30th, 2018 under Will Forte. [ Comments: 1 ]

When Last Man on Earth ended its fourth season, the gang found themselves surrounded by a bunch of strangers. We did not know if they were good guys or bad ones. Then it looked like we would never find out because evil Fox cancelled the fan favorite on a cliffhanger.

Now that two months have passed and no one was nice enough to pick it up, the show’s star and creator, Will Forte, is revealing what would have happened next. He told Vulture’s Good One podcast, “Basically they had been in this bunker and they went down when the virus had first started. They had some kind of medical expert or scientist who knew, ‘At this certain point, the virus will be dormant. You’ll be safe to get back out.’ Then they see a bunch of stragglers — us. And we represent a real threat to them, because they’d thought everything was dead, so they quarantine us.”

Eventually, the nine of them would get to know the bunker people and they would let one of them out quarantine. The only problem is that even though our guys were immune to the civilization-ending virus, they were still carriers. Thus, when the two groups meet, only one will survive. Our guys.

That storyline would have gone for the first 4-5 episodes and then it would have gone back to being just about them and their growing family. Which might have included one more famous person who was part of the bunker people. Because there is always time to kill off a celebrity we know and love in the funniest of ways.

Did Forte know how the show was going to end? He did not, but he did come up with a plan. He was thinking it was all going to be a dream of talking cat who can communicate through a special collar. If the 5th season gets made, I offer up my cat to play that part.

Was he upset that LMOE was cancelled? Yes and no. He loved doing it, but the 7-days a week with very long hours was a lot for him to handle. He is happy to have his life back. I just wish we had the show back. It was the feel-good apocalypse show we all needed. Yes that is possible.


Ed Sheeran gets his own documentary!
July 30th, 2018 under Ed Sheeran. [ Comments: none ]
Ed Sheeran might only be 27 years old, but he has had enough hits in his career to warrant a documentary about the making of his platinum album ÷ with a lot of chart-topping hits.

On August 28th, Songwriter will give us an all-access view into his life and recording of Divide. Not only will it focus on his latest record, it will also show him before he was hanging with his friends on a Castle on the Hill. In other words, cute little Ed Sheeran.

He will also take us back to high school where he started to learn how to write music. It was those classes that have helped to make songs that became the must play first dance tunes for couples on their wedding days.

Most importantly, it shows him being his loveable self. Not only do we want a photograph with him. We also want to be his friend.

Songwriter will play in select theaters on August 17th and then it will be available exclusively on Apple Music starting on August 28th.


Can you believe Chris Noth is 63?
July 30th, 2018 under Are they really their age?, Sex and the City. [ Comments: none ]

When Chris Noth was on Sex and the City, he was known as Mr. Big. We thought it was because of his love muscle, but turns out it was about all of his muscles.

The 63-year-old flexed his arm muscle and boy is it big. So big it is had to believe a man who is almost a senior citizen can have a body like that. But then again, being 65 is not like it used to be. Now it is the new 40.


Julia Roberts is even a pretty woman without makeup
July 30th, 2018 under Julia Roberts, No makeup. [ Comments: none ]

Julia Roberts and her niece Emma Roberts played cards yesterday, so neither actress decided to wear any makeup. Even without their poker faces on, they still win the round.

Seriously, can you believe the runaway bride is 50 because she sure as heck does not look like it. That and Emma looks more like her daughter than Eric Roberts’.


Speechless crosses the pond for its 2-part season premiere
July 30th, 2018 under Speechless. [ Comments: none ]

We are about two months away from the start of the fall season on broadcast TV, but the shows are already filming now. Speechless has a bloody good season premiere in the works. To start off their third season, they are going to London to meet Maya’s (Minnie Driver), estranged dad. Some Bloke named John Cleese.

If you are going to go to England for a 2-part storyline, where are you going to go? Of course, they are going to go to Buckingham Palace. Here are Micah Fowler (and his real mom), John Ross Bowie and Cedric Yarborough posing outside the historic location.

This one photo has me so excited, I cannot wait to see what trouble the DiMeo family gets into when they are overseas, Friday, October 5th and 12th on ABC. Mark your calendars because you do not want to miss this jolly good time.


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