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Chris Noth edited out of the And Just Like That… finale
January 5th, 2022 under Sex and the City. [ Comments: none ]

Chris Noth’s character, Mr. Big, was killed off in the series premiere of the Sex and the City sequel And Just Like That… Therefore, we thought he was done with appearances on the show. It turns out he was supposed to appear in the season finale.

Well, since the time that he was killed off and the episode that airs on February 3rd, several women have accused Noth of sexual assault. Therefore, the show wants to distance itself from him. So, according to TV Line, he has been edited out of a dream-like sequence with Carrie after she spreads his ashes.

I don’t think anyone will fault the show for doing that. Just like no one faults CBS for firing the actor from The Equalizer after the accusations.


Did the Chris Noth scandal hurt And Just Like That’s chances for a second season?
December 30th, 2021 under Sex and the City. [ Comments: none ]

And Just Like That

Sex and the City is back with the sequel And Just Like That on HBO Max, and fans are watching it. So you would think a second season is a given. However, Us Weekly is reporting it might be in trouble because of the Chris Noth scandal of him allegedly sexually assaulting multiple women.

“There was talk about doing another season, but after the past few days all those conversations have stopped,” a source explained to the magazine. “Everyone is raw.”

I am sure it will go on. It is not like Noth is part of the series anymore since they killed him off. So I can’t see why it wouldn’t get a second season unless Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristen Davis don’t want to do it.

Maybe they can give Samantha her own show about her life in London instead. That is what I would watch.


The Sex and the City ladies release a statement about Chris Noth
December 21st, 2021 under Sex and the City. [ Comments: 1 ]

And Just Like That

In the last week, Chris Noth has been accused of sexual assault by three women. Yesterday, three women that he worked with on Sex and the City and And Just Like That released a statement about the claims.

“We are deeply saddened to hear the allegations against Chris Noth. We support the women who have come forward and shared their painful experiences,” Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kristin Davis wrote. “We know it must be a very difficult thing to do and we commend them for it.”

I wonder what psychic told Michael Patrick King to kill off Noth in the first episode because the sh!t is going to hit the fan for the former actor before the third episode.


Will Peleton kill again on And Just Like That…?
December 15th, 2021 under Comedy Central, Sex and the City. [ Comments: none ]

As we know, Mr. Big was killed by a Peleton on the Sex and the City sequel. Now, The Daily Show is pondering if he will be the stationary bike’s only victim this season. He is not. See who else gets taken out by the killing machine. And just like that… No one is left alive.


And Just Like That… Ryan Reynolds comes to Peleton’s rescue
December 12th, 2021 under Ryan Reynolds, Sex and the City. [ Comments: 1 ]

This was a good week for Ryan Reynolds. The same cannot be said for Peleton. That is because And Just Like That… killed off Mr. Big and blamed Peleton for his death.

Well, Peleton was not happy being the new crockpot, and made several statements about that.

As soon Reynolds, who is hot off of his doing retro ads for ABC during Live in Front of a Studio Audience, read about the bike’s PR nightmare, a lightbulb went off in his head.

He called his company Mountain and Chris Noth, and told them he had an idea to repair their image. So, he went to work and created an advertisement to let us know Big is alive. Carrie finally remembered the number to 9-1-1, and he lived another day to do another 1,000 rides.

He should be fine as long as he doesn’t make any chili in the crockpot.


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