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Do you want to ride along with Ride Along 2?
November 30th, 2015 under Ice Cube, Kevin Hart. [ Comments: none ]

There’s a new trailer out for Ride Along 2 and I wasn’t sold on the sequel until the final scene in it. I loved when Ice Cube used Kevin Hart as a bulletproof shield. I don’t know why, it just made me laugh hysterically. Hysterically enough to see the movie on January 15th? Probably not because I didn’t get through the first one. What about you?


What happens when a man asks 100 female strangers for sex?
November 30th, 2015 under Awesome Videos. [ Comments: none ]

Back in April, Whatever sent out 2 pretty women on to the street to ask 100 men if they wanted to have sex with them right then and there to see how they would respond. At the end of the experiment, 30% of the men said yes.
Whatever decided to try the experiment again, but this time they sent out a good looking guy to ask 100 women he doesn’t know to have sex with him right then and there. How did they react? You will be shocked, I know I was. Some said, “No, thanks,” others took his number and some passed so that they could pass midterm. So at the end of the day, how many women said yes to spontaneous sex with a stranger? Guess the answer, watch the video and see how many you were off by. I missed by one, what about you? Post your answer below.


One of Lady Gaga’s strangest looks yet!
November 30th, 2015 under Lady Gaga. [ Comments: none ]

As we know Lady Gaga was not born that way as a natural blonde, so her hair needs to be touched up every now and again. Today she shared a photo of herself getting her roots and eyebrows done and she looks just like Albert Einstein.
Personally, I think she should try her hair color as a warm caramel, to me she looks better as a brunette. How do you like Mother Monster’s hair?


50 Cent keeps his money on ice!
November 30th, 2015 under 50 Cent. [ Comments: 1 ]

A few months ago, 50 Cent reportedly filed for bankruptcy which made some of us think he didn’t have any money. I guess he forgot to look in his fridge because there seems to be plenty of green in there and I am not talking about kale and lettuce. That is some country crock, the margarine, I mean that is in there too.


Supergirl flies high with a full season!
November 30th, 2015 under CBS, DC Comics. [ Comments: none ]

The last new fall show to find out its fate was Supergirl, but today she knows how many more episodes she is doing this season. CBS announced today that they picked up 7 more episodes from the superhero show, which is two short of the normal full season order. Normally, I would be concerned, but the positive family show (which I think is pretty much the only one they have) started later than all of the others. So it kind of makes sense why they would be doing a few less episodes. Although I think it is deserves more episodes than several of CBS’s other dramas and comedies. Please, Life in Pieces would’ve been cancelled if it was following the declining The Big Bang Theory. Seriously, who watching that unfunny comedy?


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