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Anna Nicole’s story comes to life tonight
June 29th, 2013 under Anna Nicole Smith, Lifetime. [ Comments: none ]

We got to know Anna Nicole Smith as an adult and followed the life we thought she had. Tonight at 8p on Lifetime, we will get to find out what she was like before she was Anna Nicole and she was just a little girl from Texas named Vicki Lynn Hogan.
Anna Nicole starts out when she was just a young girl and you will find out what her life was when she was growing up. Then you will see her struggle as a 20 year old mom because her own mother wouldn’t take her in after she split from her husband. Eventually she will find a job as a stripper and there she will meet a man who will take care of her. You will see how the love affair between J. Howard Marshall and Anna Nicole blossomed into her saying I do to him. It is more than we ever heard it was and you will see there really was something between them. While her love to him was just starting out, so was her career as a model and that is what led to her downfall. You will see how the one thing that she wanted more than anything, is the thing that took her beauty away from us at too young of an age.
The movie mostly focuses on her life before we knew her name, since we saw all the other stuff play out. Getting to know what she was like before she was famous, is what makes this movie to interesting. Why rewatch a movie version of the story we already know, let’s find out what we don’t know. And there is a lot you will learn about a woman named Anna Nicole.
This Lifetime movie doesn’t sugarcoat the truth, but it doesn’t exploit it either.
Agnes Bruckner stuns as the beautiful Anna Nicole Smith. Her transformation is incredible and you will be very impressed with all that she did to play the role.


What was the Drop Dead Diva cast doing when they heard show was renewed?
June 28th, 2013 under Lifetime. [ Comments: none ]

Drop Dead Diva ended their fourth season in a really good place, so when Lifetime announced that they were not bringing the show back for a fifth one people were shocked and devastated. So much so they let their voices be heard, and Lifetime decided to reverse their decision and the show is currently back on the air with all new episodes Sundays at 9p.
Well if the show you are working on is cancelled, you are going to start to move on with your life. That is exactly what the cast of DDD started to do. So what were they doing when they heard the show was, thankfully, picked up for another season. Something that was well deserved and has proven to be the right thing to do after Sunday’s season premiere.

The first person to know the news, was not a cast member but the show’s creator Josh Berman. When I asked him what he was doing, here is what he said:

Sony and Lifetime had asked me to come back in to tell them my thoughts for Season 5. And when I went to that meeting and I started pitching out where I was going with the seasons, and I saw the executive’s faces light up and the smiles get bigger and bigger, and then when I was finished there was this silence and everyone kind of knew in that moment we were coming back.

While he knew right away, Brooke Elliot who plays Jane, had no choice but to, literally, move on with her life.

Oh, that’s funny you ask. Because we were canceled, and that’s the only information I had to go on. I had to get out of the place that I was renting in Atlanta. And had we been picked up I would have kept the place, mostly likely. But, we didn’t know and I had gotten to the very end of the (lease) I was like, “I’ve got to go.” And so, I was actually moving out of my Atlanta place of living when I found out that we were actually renewed, so that was kind of funny.

Did she find a new place?

I did, but I had to put everything in storage because, you know I was like, “Oh, my gosh, where am I going to live?” And so, everything was in storage, so I immediately – I – the minute I found out I went and got an apartment, and then everything worked out fine, but that’s why I think it’s pretty funny.

April Bowlby, who plays Jane’s best friend on DDD, was spending some time with her friends when the good news broke.

I was with my friends at one of their houses. We were sitting outside drinking wine and trying to wrap our head around the show being canceled, when my cellphone started to buzz with multiple text messages of congratulations about the show being picked up.
It was great to be with friends at that moment. Lots of celebration……and confusion.

Finally Lex Medlin, who plays Jane’s runaway fiance’ after he caught her kissing another guy at their wedding, was running towards something when he heard the rumor that turned out be true. He shared his story with me and you could hear the laughter and the happiness in his voice as he told it.

I was actually in pilot season auditioning for pilots. It was about 4 in the afternoon, and I live in the Valley, and I had an audition for a pilot at Sony (Culver City which is hard to get to from most anywhere in LA) at 6 o’clock. The idea of getting on the 405 was daunting to me. Somebody broke that it was going to be picked up, so I immediately called my people and said, “I don’t have to go to this audition, right?” And they said, “Well you probably should.” And I said, “No, I probably shouldn’t! If I’m going back to Diva, let’s do that!” So that’s where I was and I was very relieved.
Me and the wife and kids, all had a wonderful dinner together, and smiled and laughed.

So now that you know what the cast was doing when they heard the show was picked up, why not check out what they are doing with it now that it has been picked up. You can watch Drop Dead Diva every Sunday at 9p on Lifetime. This week Dead Jane confronts New Jane, so you know it is going to be good.


Watch a man suffer from eating three Ghost Chilis in a row!!!
June 28th, 2013 under Awesome Videos. [ Comments: none ]

D’Andre Siggas decided to do the Ghost Chili challenge, but he wasn’t going to have just one he decided to have three of them within seconds of each other. To make matters worse for himself, he wasn’t going to drink any milk for 30 seconds after he downed all three of the hottest known peppers in the world. So now that you know what is going to happen, watch what actually happened to him.
I mean not only did the Ghost Chilies get him, so did everything else he was doing to cool off his mouth, face, eyes and everything else that was fire.
The best part of this video was his unsympathetic friend, who did I what I would do and that is laugh my a$$ off at him instead of helping him out. I mean, maybe because I am sadist, but what his friend was going through was hysterical.
The only thing that was missing from this great video is the bathroom trip after eating all of those hot hot hot peppers. Because you know what they say, “Burns going in, burns going out.” I would have loved to heard those screams coming from behind that closed door. I pretty sure he would’ve been saying what he was doing as he was doing it!


Who sang their swan song on Glee?
June 28th, 2013 under Glee. [ Comments: none ]

(photos from Fox)

So as we all know if you go to high school, you only stay there for four years. Well looks like that is going to be the case for some of the Glee originals. According to TVLine Heather Morris, Mark Salling, Amber Riley, Harry Shum, Jr. and Dianna Agron will not be returning to show as series regulars for season 5. They might do guest appearances, but at this point that is it. Do not expect to notice much of a change because except for Morris, the other 4 were barely seen in season 4.
What really bums me out about this news is that Kevin McHale is not joining them. The Fox musical comedy turned him into such a jerk over the last few years that I hoped that his character graduating from McKinley would mean the same for him too. On a positive note, let’s hope that because Jenna Ushkowitz is still a regular on the show that they will use her more often. She is the secret gem that they have kept hidden way too long.
So which Glee original will you miss the most? And will you even miss them?

UPDATE: Lea Michele confirmed the news when she posted this picture from a photoshoot they took today for the fifth season of Glee. Also missing from the photo are the teachers, I wonder if that means anything?


Jamie Kennedy is so a Court Jester!
June 28th, 2013 under Uncategorized. [ Comments: none ]

Jamie Kennedy Tweeted the above picture and asked “Is chivalry dead?” But all I saw was a Court Jester at work. You know after the King told him to “Oh Sit!”


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