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June 29th, 2013 under Anna Nicole Smith, Lifetime

We got to know Anna Nicole Smith as an adult and followed the life we thought she had. Tonight at 8p on Lifetime, we will get to find out what she was like before she was Anna Nicole and she was just a little girl from Texas named Vicki Lynn Hogan.
Anna Nicole starts out when she was just a young girl and you will find out what her life was when she was growing up. Then you will see her struggle as a 20 year old mom because her own mother wouldn’t take her in after she split from her husband. Eventually she will find a job as a stripper and there she will meet a man who will take care of her. You will see how the love affair between J. Howard Marshall and Anna Nicole blossomed into her saying I do to him. It is more than we ever heard it was and you will see there really was something between them. While her love to him was just starting out, so was her career as a model and that is what led to her downfall. You will see how the one thing that she wanted more than anything, is the thing that took her beauty away from us at too young of an age.
The movie mostly focuses on her life before we knew her name, since we saw all the other stuff play out. Getting to know what she was like before she was famous, is what makes this movie to interesting. Why rewatch a movie version of the story we already know, let’s find out what we don’t know. And there is a lot you will learn about a woman named Anna Nicole.
This Lifetime movie doesn’t sugarcoat the truth, but it doesn’t exploit it either.
Agnes Bruckner stuns as the beautiful Anna Nicole Smith. Her transformation is incredible and you will be very impressed with all that she did to play the role.


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