Seriously? OMG! WTF? » Watch a man suffer from eating three Ghost Chilis in a row!!!
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[ # ] Watch a man suffer from eating three Ghost Chilis in a row!!!
June 28th, 2013 under Awesome Videos

D’Andre Siggas decided to do the Ghost Chili challenge, but he wasn’t going to have just one he decided to have three of them within seconds of each other. To make matters worse for himself, he wasn’t going to drink any milk for 30 seconds after he downed all three of the hottest known peppers in the world. So now that you know what is going to happen, watch what actually happened to him.
I mean not only did the Ghost Chilies get him, so did everything else he was doing to cool off his mouth, face, eyes and everything else that was fire.
The best part of this video was his unsympathetic friend, who did I what I would do and that is laugh my a$$ off at him instead of helping him out. I mean, maybe because I am sadist, but what his friend was going through was hysterical.
The only thing that was missing from this great video is the bathroom trip after eating all of those hot hot hot peppers. Because you know what they say, “Burns going in, burns going out.” I would have loved to heard those screams coming from behind that closed door. I pretty sure he would’ve been saying what he was doing as he was doing it!


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