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Craig Ferguson’s huge late NIGHT blunder
July 30th, 2009 under Craig Ferguson. [ Comments: 2 ]

Last night on CBS Craig Ferguson announced on his Late Late SHOW which puppet won the puppet popularity contest and things were going well when he said that the Shark won the honor. But then when Craig was saying what the future holds for the popular puppet, his blunder put him in shark infested water. The hysterical host said that the Shark was going to appear on Late NIGHT with David Letterman not SHOW. As we all know Late NIGHT is on NBC and a really sore subject for his boss David Letterman. Now I love Craig and I hate to point out this huge a$$ blunder, but his reaction to his big mistake is so cute and brilliant that I had to share it with y’all. The way he backtracks, especially when he says “Let’s see how I will wriggle out of this without the press getting hold of this.” Sorry Craig, I got hold of it. And sincerely how cute is that he then tells us how much he will miss us.
No word yet from David Letterman’s camp, but I heard a rumor that the Shark will be replacing Craig tonight at 12:35a on The Late Late SHOW since he is so popular. Joking, I hope…
Question for Craig, your show that is called Late Late SHOW and follows Late SHOW, how did you make that Late NIGHT slip up???


Caption Ed Westwick!
July 30th, 2009 under Caption the Celeb. [ Comments: 1 ]

Spotting Gossp Girl's Ed Westwick in bed has Caption Me written all over it, so get in the sack with him and caption it for me!!! xoxo

Winner of the last Caption The Celeb:

brinmac wrote for Caption Chris Brown…Employ the NEW Chris Brown Method!- Here’s to making your next arrest all that easier.


NBC to redo The Rockford Files
July 30th, 2009 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

Earlier in the week it was announced that NBC’s Head of Entertainment was leaving his job and I had high hope that the network would get better with a new person in charge. That hope was quickly dashed because Variety is reporting that they are redoing The Rockford Files. Didn’t they learn from their huge failure of both Bionic Woman and Knight Rider that remaking old shows doesn’t work? Now I should try be positive because they hired House’s creator David Shore to write the show, but even he is not to do it for me.


America’s Got Talent made me cry and smile!!!
July 30th, 2009 under America's Got Talent, NBC. [ Comments: 3 ]

Last night on NBC’s America’s Got Talent they announced who would make it through to Hollywood and there was one whose results made my cry. Marcus Terrell auditioned with three back up singers and the Judges told him then to dump the girls and he said no. So when it came time to advance to Hollywood the Judges told him because he said to consider them still in the act that he would not move on. Knowing how much this meant to Marcus, one of the women said if they dropped out, would they consider advancing him. Marcus being a noble man, said it was up the 3 females to make a huge sacrifice. In unison all three admirable ladies say “Take him.” Now it would majorly be f*cked up after that noble gesture for the Judges to still turn him down, so yes will see Marcus go solo and hopefully his 3 BFFs in the audience cheering him on the loudest.
Seriously that made cry when I watched it on TV, again on the net and finally as I typed this post and I am so not PMSing. After all these tears, he better be good on his own because you don’t want to see what happens if you touch my cold heart and then suck!!! But I think he will do me and those 3 amazing women proud!
While the Marcus’ story made me cry, Eleisha Miller’s made me smile. Isn’t that 8 year old the most precious little thing. She is just so tiny, but she has a personality as big as her home state of Texas. You just want to root for her because she wants this so much and you want it so much for her. Look at how excited she was when she got the news. And even though she is only single digits, her parents taught her well and she went and gave the Judges a big old hug. Poor little thing lost her show in the process, but the way she played it off was so awwdorable that even the judges melted as much as me. Eliesha might not have the best voice out there, but what she lacks there she makes up for in personality! She is going to be a star and she has my vote to win America’s Got Talent!!! Talking about voting, Tuesday at 9p on NBC it starts being our turn to say who we want to move on! So make sure to tune in and vote for who you thinks has a million dollar talent!!!


It’s monkey business on tonight’s finale of She’s Got the Look
July 30th, 2009 under TV Land. [ Comments: none ]

Finally after weeks of some of the most interesting reality show contestants ever on TV, She’s Got the Look comes to end tonight on TV Land at 9p. The remaining three models, LeAnne, Cindy and Theresa will be flown to Miami and by the looks of what LeAnne is wearing they are dressing for the Miami heat. Besides weathering the humidity it looks like they will also have to deal with some unruly animals. Why do modeling shows always feel the need to use animals and insects? This is the finale it should be about modeling, no? Granted I got yucks from watching the monkey caue a big wardrobe malfunction for LeAnne. BTW you so have to admire for having that amazing of a figure at 41. Dang girl, you got the look but does She Got the Look? I personally think the winner is going to be Cindy. Who do you think will win…LeAnne, Cindy or Theresa? Find out tonight on TV Land at 9p.


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