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Paris Hilton and Kevin Federline?
December 30th, 2007 under K-Fed, Paris Hilton. [ Comments: 2 ]

Not only has Paris Hiltom had to lower her standards and shop at 7-Eleven, now she has to lower her standards when it comes it to men and flirt with Kevin Federline.
You know she said she wants to be a mom, maybe she should consider K-Fed, we all know he has powerful sperm. 

Fergie’s beautiful engagament ring
December 30th, 2007 under Fergie. [ Comments: 1 ]

Josh Duhamel did good when he picked out the engagement ring for Fergie 

Sting made me throw up in my mouth a lot
December 30th, 2007 under The Police. [ Comments: 1 ]

There are certain things Sting and Trudie need to do in private and sucking on her toes is number one on that list. Going shirtless is two. 

TV makes J-Lo cry
December 29th, 2007 under J-Lo. [ Comments: 1 ]

J-Lo who is probably around 7 months pregnant says that the pregnancy hormones make her cry now when she watches TV according to Female First.
J.Lo said: "Anything that is touching makes me cry – any commercial that is sappy and silly. Things about dads make me cry, maybe because of my relationship with my own father. But anytime I see anything about a dad with his little girl, and I'm over tired, I'm gone!"
To make her feel better, I too cry when I see her on TV like in Selena and Gigli…mostly Gigli.

New York’s mom and White Boy?
December 29th, 2007 under VH1/MTV. [ Comments: 3 ]

New York is not the only one who found love from her, according to The Newbistar so has her mom with White Boy.
White Boy was spotted in a nightclub in Las Vegas last weekend, drinking and partying with "Real", fellow housemate during season 1 of I Love New York. A nightclub employee said White Boy was spotted getting into a stretch Hummer, followed by Sister Patterson who seemed to be coming from a club across the street. Later that night, the two were seen again checking into the Palms Hotel together.
I thought she was married?
BTW so ewww. 

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