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How Barney Stinson met Bob Barker
April 30th, 2007 under How I Met Your Mother, The Price is Right. [ Comments: 1 ]

Tonight on How I Met Your Mother Barney gets the chance to Come On Down on The Price Is Right with Bob Barker. But why would Barney want to go on The Price Is Right? Tune in to How I Met Your Mother on CBS tonight at 8p. I hear this episode is hysterical, but what else is new with this show…it always funny as all heck!!!
BTW I saw the two-part season (please CBS) finale of the show which includes Lily and Marshall's wedding and I can tell you it is awesome. But the only thing that worries me is that it kind of feels like it could also be a series finale if need be. 

Heroes goes 5 years into the future tonight
April 30th, 2007 under Heroes. [ Comments: none ]

OMG! I can’t wait for Heroes tonight after watching that sneak peek. And we might find out who the bomb is tonight if the Heroes’ novel really revealed who it is and let’s just say it will blow your mind!


Britney Spears and Howie Day collide again
April 30th, 2007 under Britney Spears. [ Comments: 1 ]

Britney Spears actually looks really happy with her rehab buddy Howie Day. Maybe he is hubby number 3? 

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are so in love
April 30th, 2007 under Good Charlotte, Nicole Richie. [ Comments: none ]


Daily Mail

That picture is just so cute of Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, it just makes me want to puke.


Roseanne Barr the leading choice for The View?
April 30th, 2007 under Roseanne, The View. [ Comments: none ]

According to The New York Post, Roseanne Barr is the leading choice to replace Rosie O'Donnell on The View. A source had this to say about Roseanne getting the job, "She's a piece of work, she's a character, she says what's on her mind and she's funny. They're missing strong personalities on that show, and that's what they're going to need if they want to keep it going." But when the asked her people about it, "It's almost like that rumor that spread last month about how she was going to be on 'Desperate Housewives." Other names throw in the hat are Kathie Lee Gifford, Joan Rivers, Whoopi Goldberg, Bette Midler, Connie Chung and Kathy Griffin. Of that list the only one I like and can tolerate on TV is Bette Midler. I just don't understand why The View feels they need an unlikable unfunny b!tch on the show. People did not miss Star Jones and they are not going to miss Rosie O'Donnell, so why not try a new personality and not someone annoying like the ones they are replacing?

(photo from Roseanne Barr's MySpace


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