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Happy New Year!!!
December 31st, 2006 under SOW Greetings. [ Comments: none ]

May 2007 only bring you happiness and joy!!!
And may I bring you celebrity gossip and laughs!!!
Happy and healthy New Years to you and yours!!!
Seriously? OMG! WTF?

What Heather Mills wants?
December 31st, 2006 under Paul McCartney/Heather Mills. [ Comments: none ]


Four homes… £4m mansion in St John’s Wood, London’ £6m home in Beverly Hills’ £5m apartment and offices in New York’ a property on Macca’s estate in Sussex where he has £1.5m log cabin

Maintenance staff, housekeepers and gardeners for all the homes

A nanny until Beatrice is 18

Two helicopter rides per week

Access to a private plane

Round-the-clock Bodyguards for her and Beatrice

Cars for each home (to be replaced every two years)

Annual holidays for her and Beatrice

Replacement electrical and computer goods every two years

A clothing allowance for her and Beatrice

Private schooling for Beatrice

Child maintenance

Entertainment allowance

Grocery and fuel allowance

Private healthcare for her and Beatrice

Annual allowance

£50m lump sum

Sunday Mirror

In the article she claims that her marriage Paul McCartney ruined her earning potential and that is why she is asking for so much. My question is, she had an earning potential?


Samantha Ronson is my new favorite DJ!
December 31st, 2006 under Admirable People. [ Comments: none ]

Friday, December 15, 2006


In vegas to dj- bored coz i don’t gamble- well i do a little- but i try not to when i have too much time on my hands- it can get a little dangerous…. anyway- i dj’d a party last night to kick off grammy sh*t…. the party was thrown by people mag and red bull and the grammys…. josh kelly, five for fighting and fergie performed… josh kelly was dope and fergie did a great job- i was told it was her first solo performance….

jamie foxx kinda mc’d the event… which to be honest was really annoying- he’s funny for about 3 minutes- then it’s just self indulgent look at me sh*t…. i was on break during the shows but his annoying entourage kept telling me to play lame songs for him to joke around to- that was not the first time. he is notorious for hijacking the microphone and then harrassing the dj- it’s all planned out too which is even worse- his little butt boy comes up to me and says to play certain songs- jamie foxx will then feign modesty and then sing his part of gold digger- it’s annoying. his entrance into any space that i am dj’ing in literally strikes fear and annoyance into my heart- mainly annoyance- the fear is from wondering if people at the club will then judge my dj’ing based on his choices…. yuck!!! horrifying!!!

although i have to say there was one highlight- he was reading index cards to present the different performers and when the five for fighting guy was coming on stage he was supposed to say "phenomenal" which he actually pronounced as PUHEEEENOMENAL! wow!!

Samantha Ronson’s MySpace

I always thought there was something jerky about him. Guess I was right.


How can they do this Office Space?
December 30th, 2006 under Awesome Videos. [ Comments: none ]

OMG I loved Milton, why did they have to make him a serial killer? It really works, but still why Milton? Seriously. I had no idea until this trailer that Stephen Root was Milton. He was so dang lovable in this role!
If you have never seen Office Space, go out and rent it today! It is one of the funniest movies ever! Yeah!


Haven’t these kids suffered enough?
December 30th, 2006 under Paris Hilton. [ Comments: none ]

Paris Hilton took part in photo op by visiting children at the Royal North Shore Childrens Hospital in Sydney.
You know Paris Hilton is going to back to States and say she wants to adopt an Aussie baby? BTW what is up with her sticking her a$$ out like that in every photo? 

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