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DJ Qualls comes out as gay
January 13th, 2020 under Admirable People. [ Comments: none ]

DJ Qualls has played the stud in several movies, and now the actor has a confession to make. He told his followers on Friday, “It is 11:20pm. I just came out on stage at a @jimjefferie show in San Diego. Yep, I’m gay. Been gay this whole time. Tired of worrying about what people would think of me. Tired of worrying about what it would do to my career.”

He can still play the man who gets all the girls or boys. Who cares anymore? As long as he is happy, what else matters?

If some production does not want you because you are gay, then you did not want them in the first place.


Sia was Santa Claus on Thanksgiving!
November 29th, 2019 under Admirable People. [ Comments: none ]

Christmas came early yesterday in Palm Springs thanks to Sia. The singer went to a Walmart and a T.J. Maxx there and paid for several people’s bills. Just like when she wears a wig during her performances, she attempted to do it anonymously. Sia told everyone she was a lottery winner and was paying it forward. They believed her until Adri Buckles revealed who the Thanksgiving giver is.

Sia is as beautiful as her music. She made several people remember what Thanksgiving is all about. Being thankful and helping others.


An a capella band break out into song at Chick-fil-A!
July 16th, 2019 under Admirable People. [ Comments: none ]

Several members of an a capella group was in Nashville training at the Acappella Company’s Worship Leader Institute and they were hungry. Therefore, they went to the Chick-fil-A in Rivergate and decided to sing for their meal. The men did such a great with Lean on Me that even people, who were not in the group, sang along.

Who doesn’t know the Bill Withers’ tune? It is so positive, it is hard not to sing along with a smile on your face. As big as all of the cows who are happy more people are choosing to eat at the chicken joint instead of the other fast food ones.

Seriously though, this is such a beautiful thing. I wish this would happen at more restaurants. Maybe instead of hearing about the brawls that happen at them, we can hear about people being brought together because of a song. Look at this video, men, women, black, white, costumers and workers all joined together as one voice. This is what we need more of. Instead of the extremists in DC trying to divide us.

Case in point, when I first saw this video, the person wrote that this happened in a Nashville Chick-fil-A, I thought another racist video. Instead, I saw that unite people and is pure joy! Let’s see more of this and less of the former.

Thank you Jake Jones for sharing.


Gillette does an ad for a transgender boy’s first shave
May 27th, 2019 under Admirable People. [ Comments: none ]

In a time when several members of our government are trying to silence transgender people, Gillette is giving a them a public forum.

Samson Bonkeabantu Brown recently transitioned and he is finally ready for his shave. A rite of passage that has been passed down between a father and his son for many centuries and Samson’s story is no different. His father showed him how to do it and Gillette caught that big milestone.

When he was done we got to see his close shave, but it as not as close as the relationship the two men have. Nothing can be closer than the love of a father who is proud of son no matter what.

Brown wrote this about his story, “I shot this ad for Gillette and wanted to include my father, who has been one of my greatest supporters throughout my transition, encouraging me to be confident and live authentically as my best self.

“With the help of Gillette, I was able to share an important milestone in every man’s life with my father.

“This moment overwhelmed me during filming and again today seeing the ad since it’s been launched. I’m keenly aware of how blessed I am to be able to exist in this world being supported by my family in ways that all too often many of my trans brothers, sisters, and siblings who exist outside the binary are not always as fortunate.”

“I am confident that this ad will encourage many of my trans siblings and fill them with the knowledge that our existence in this world can be filled with the love and support we deserve.”

Hopefully, by normalizing a special moment that most dads share with their sons, haters will realize transgender people are just like them. We are all human and should love each other for who we are as a person. Nothing else matters at the end of life.


W. Kamau Bell says women should have the same treatment as men who get vasectomies
May 21st, 2019 under Admirable People. [ Comments: 2 ]

Over the last few weeks, several states have limited women from having abortions if they choose to. Even when the legislators were not doing that, it was still difficult for women to get one in those states because of the protestors outside and lack of clinics that can do it. It is our right to do with our bodies what we want, the same way it is for men.

In fact, W. Kamau Bell, who had just had a vasectomy, made a strong statement about it. He wrote, “When I went to end my ability to reproduce, there were no protesters. No 1 tried to talk me out of it, talked about God or murder, or made me get my wife’s approval. The surgery took 10 minutes & was covered by insurance. It should be that easy for women.” Amen!

Why does the government care so much about the fetus when it is in the woman and not when it is outside of her. Life is even more precious when it is born than while it is still in a woman’s womb. Over the weekend, I was reading about a fetus’ brain activity. Did you know not until it is 20 weeks that it can start to feel pain and it has fully developed sexual organs? That means these pro-lifers are supporting gender neutral babies up until then. I thought they were against that gender fluidity? They really need to make up their minds. They cannot have it both ways.

Seriously, they cannot make it so that a woman is forced to have a baby she does not want, then not give her the financial and mental support during and after it is born. If they want these babies so badly, then I say that women, who do want the babies they were forced to have, can drop them off at the state capitol building and let those legislators raise them. They are the ones that say every life is precious, so raise them. You want them, they are your responsibility.

If they think that every life is precious, then they should give every citizen free healthcare. They should be willing to open their doors to all the recent immigrants seeking asylum. They should want to ban all guns because they kill people including kids. However, they don’t think like that. They just pass laws banning abortions and have no plans with what to do with all of those extra babies.

I also think if the woman is forced to carry that baby for 9 months, then the baby daddy should be responsible for the next 18 years and counting. They do one night, and they need to do more. Especially if a woman’s uterus is not considered her own. The baby daddies need to be forced to take responsibility. See how fast the laws change back. But they won’t because they are wimps. That is why women are the stronger gender.

However, there are men who are strong and Bell is one of them. He revealed on his CNN show United Shades of America with W. Kamau Bell this weekend, that he chose to get fixed because his wife has been taking the pill for 15 years and it was time that he did something to prevent pregnancies. After three kids, they said that they have enough. Good for him for putting his wife’s health first. Why is it our responsibility to prevent pregnancy? Men complain sex does not feel as good as with a condom. You try taking the pill every day at the same time and dealing with the side effects. I am having my monthly hormone headaches that I get because I am on the pill and they are worse than my normal migraines. Not only that it puts me at a higher risk to get breast cancer.

A vasectomy does none of that. I have another idea. All men who want to be sexually active, but don’t want to have kids, let’s force them to have vasectomies. Let’s make it a law. When they go in for their circumcisions (which prove to be healthier than not having one but that is another discussion), let’s neuter them. Then when they decide they want to have kids, they can get it reversed. Oh, and they still have to use condoms because they protect us against more than just pregnancy. They also prevent STIs (again another discussion for later).

OK, I will stop dreaming of a world when men stop telling me what I can and cannot do with my uterus and go back to caring about what celebs are doing!


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