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December 31st, 2006 under Paul McCartney/Heather Mills


Four homes… £4m mansion in St John’s Wood, London’ £6m home in Beverly Hills’ £5m apartment and offices in New York’ a property on Macca’s estate in Sussex where he has £1.5m log cabin

Maintenance staff, housekeepers and gardeners for all the homes

A nanny until Beatrice is 18

Two helicopter rides per week

Access to a private plane

Round-the-clock Bodyguards for her and Beatrice

Cars for each home (to be replaced every two years)

Annual holidays for her and Beatrice

Replacement electrical and computer goods every two years

A clothing allowance for her and Beatrice

Private schooling for Beatrice

Child maintenance

Entertainment allowance

Grocery and fuel allowance

Private healthcare for her and Beatrice

Annual allowance

£50m lump sum

Sunday Mirror

In the article she claims that her marriage Paul McCartney ruined her earning potential and that is why she is asking for so much. My question is, she had an earning potential?


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