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[ # ] Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist gets loud tonight
March 28th, 2021 under Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is back with Good Girls tonight at 9p on NBC. A perfect pairing for those Monday blues that are creeping through. You cannot be sad whenever you watch Zoey’s because it is such a feel-good show. Tonight’s episode is another example of that.

Zoey (Jane Levy) has a memory of looking at the stars with her dad, and she wants to do it again. She asks all of her friends and family to go with her, and they all say no. She finally finds someone to go with her. Someone that none of us would have ever expected. How will that go over?

Meanwhile, her brother (Andrew Leeds) is dealing with his new lifestyle now that he quit his job, and he is starting to Drift Away. There might be something that interests him, but he has to convince people to let him be part of it. Will he be able to do it?

Mo (Alex Newell) and Max (Skylar Astin) are finally ready to open their restaurant that doesn’t serve food. There is only one problem; the fire marshall has found a lot of problems that will prevent that. Will they be able to get it all done so that they can say Let’s Get Loud, or will they be closed down before they open.

Zoey hears a love song from someone, and it is about their Tainted Love. Will she be able to get them together?

All of this leads to a sweet ending which is why we love this show, and more of you should be watching.

If you are not watching, you are missing out on this darling show that reminds us that television can be enjoyable. Therefore, make sure to watch it. It has better song and dance numbers than American Idol. Why watch Katy Perry when you can watch a cast of people that you like and don’t annoy you.


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