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[ # ] You will never want to eat Big Mac after watching this!
September 24th, 2015 under Eating Contests, Fast Food, Guinness World Records, Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

Matt Stonie won the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest this July 4th, and he is still eating his way through fast food.
He recently challenged himself to beat the current Guinness Book of World Records record of downing the most Big Macs in an hour. The current record is 17 in 60 minutes, and he decided to top that by 8. That’s right, he drove to the nearest McDonald’s and ordered 25 of them. Then he went home, lined them up and put on the timer. One by one, he gobbled them up and within 12 minutes he tied the record. Ten minutes after that, he had finished all 25. When he was done, he was looking worse for wear, which is totally understandable because I felt the same after just watching him.
Especially when you consider he consumed 11 pounds of food, 13,250 calories and 825 grams of fat in just 22 minutes. What is so frustrating is how he still remains skinny after eating all of that. Well after he takes a major poop because his belly swelled to size of a Kim Kardashian who is 9 months pregnant.
You know what, for some reason, I am craving a Big Mac, so off I go. Do you want one or will you never eat one again?


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