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September 24th, 2015 under 2 Broke Girls

Ever since 2 Broke Girls started, we have pretty much only seen Kat Dennings wearing a mustard and ketchup colored waitress uniform. Well, for the 100th episode, they decided to change things up for her. Instead of wearing that ugly yellow and red dress, she wore a black and white French Maid one.
Will it stay? Probably, not. But I am sure if the boys had their way, it would. Do you think it should be her look for the next 100.
No word when the show will be back, but hopefully as soon as Life in Pieces and Angel From Hell get cancelled because both of those comedies suck harder than Max on a good first date! Yes, I have been watching 2 Broke Girls since episode one and that is the type of humor that goes with the sitcom.



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