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[ # ] You will never believe what Baby Spice asked Prince Charles
December 1st, 2017 under Graham Norton, The Princes of England

Stephen Fry was on The Graham Norton Show tonight and he shared a story that was quite interesting. Prince Charles had a star studded 50th birthday party and both Fry and the Spice Girls were guests of the Prince’s. As he was walking down the line, Emma Bunton thought she would ask him something. She wanted to know if he had a Prince Albert. Well he explained to her that he had several family members that were named Albert, but that was not she was referring to. At this point His Royal Highness had no idea what she was talking about, so he asked his friend to explain it to him. Fry nervously explained to the future King of England, “Well sir, it is an item of intimate jewelry.” To which the Prince of Wales pointed to his nipple and the actor shook his head, “No, further south.” Therefore, shocking the Prince of England so much he needed to rest.

Proving that Baby Spice might look all sweet and innocent, but she is far from it. Who knew she was the naughtiest one of them all?

Talking naughty, Fry also shared some advice he got from the Prince. HRH shared these words of wisdom he got from King Philip, “When you are doing a photograph, a line up with women, only look into their eyes. Don’t, for a second, let your eyes drop to their chest because that’s when the photograph goes off.” So the morale of that story boys, is don’t look down as much as you want to.


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