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December 2nd, 2017 under Freddie Mercury, Movies

Next Christmas, Fox is expected to release the Freddie Mercury biopic, but Bohemian Rhapsody has hit a major snag. The movie’s director Bryan Singer has not shown up to work since the Thanksgiving break, thus forcing the studio to halt production.

The director’s rep told the BBC, Singer has “a personal health matter concerning Bryan and his family.” Then they added, “Bryan hopes to get back to work on the film soon after the holidays.”

Meanwhile sources told The Hollywood Reporter that “producers and his star had grown tired of Singer’s behavior, which saw him routinely show up late to set.” The trade also pointed out this is not the only time he disappeared from a production, he did the same on X-Men: Apocalypse and during Superman Returns.

Which makes you wonder if Fox will replace him or let him return to the set in the New Year.

Personally, I am OK with them cancelling the movie all together. I just don’t think Freddie Mercury’s story needs to be told. Considering this feature has been years in the making and not happening until now, I think the singer of Queen agrees with me.


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