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[ # ] Words of Wizdumb from Dr. Ruth!
February 16th, 2021 under Coronavirus, Dr Ruth, Words of Wizdumb

A few weeks ago, medical experts suggested that we start wearing double masks over our mouths when we leave our homes. So much so that the NY Post is reporting that anyone entering a Federal Courthouse in NYC will have to wear two masks for the time being.

When Dr. Ruth saw that, she had some Words for Wizdumb for people. “Just remember, using two condoms is riskier! And using a mask as a condom is riskiest of all,” she wrote.

Isn’t it interesting that two masks are better than one, but one condom is better than two? Having said that, both are great for protection from deadly viruses. Therefore, you should use them!

In case you are wondering why two condoms are bad. It is because struggling to put one on top of the other could cause both to rip. If they rip, then the sperm can get through. If it gets through, then you can get a baby or an STI.

Don’t spread the sperm or COVID-19. Thus, you should wear protection over your holes. Since farts can spread coronavirus, should we wear masks over our butts?


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