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[ # ] Wolf Blitzer sucked big time on Jeopardy!
September 18th, 2009 under Jeopardy, TV News

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SOW: I’ll take Dummies for $1,000 Alex
Alex: Wolf Blitzer
SOW: Who sucked big time on Jeopardy?

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer was on Jeopardy yesterday and to say his sucked would be beyond an understatement. The anchor from what “used to be the most trusted name in news” ended in negative territory and had his a$$ handed to him by Andy Richter. The producers of Jeopardy felt so bad for Wolf that they had to zero out his score because according to the show rules during Celebrity Jeopardy all players have to play Final Jeopardy. Ouch!
How embarrassing for CNN to have their most trusted anchor do so horribly on Jeopardy. I mean you would think after all those of years of covering the news of day that that would make Jeopardy super easy for him, and not have him be such a big failure. I mean he lost out to Andy Richter and Conan O’Brien’s sidekick is not the smartest of all the sidekicks. I guess that proves that Wolf is just a news reader because he obviously doesn’t retain anything he reports on that is not DC related???
Good thing I can’t watch the anchor who is as exciting as watching paint dry because I would feel cheated watching him after see how bad he did on Jeopardy. I totally do crappy when I watch Jeopardy, but hey I was never an anchor at CNN and I thought CNN anchors were suppose to be smart.


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