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[ # ] What’s worse Brad Pitt’s beard or his shoes?
September 18th, 2009 under Brangelina, Quentin Tarantino

Brad Pitt is in Spain to promote Inglourious Basterds at the 57th San Sebastian Film Festival and he debuted his scruffy beard and initialed shoes. And all I have to say is where is Angelina Jolie when he needs her? I saw that earlier in the week she was doing some goodwill trip somewhere in the world, but really her goodwill is needed to clean up her man. I mean the normally dapper actor wasn’t looking so good with his unkempt beard. Now I understand he is in between movies since Moneyball was put on hold and he can let his facial hair go wild, but he can still keep it neat at press events? Is that too much to ask? Now when it comes to the shoes, that is so cheesy. Seriously shoes with his initials on it? I mean I know he is not as recognizable as normal, but c’mon we all know that is Brad Pitt. We don’t need the BP on his shoes to identify him.
BTW on an Inglourious Basterds note, looks like the movie will becomes Quentin Tarantino’s best grossing movie in The States this weekend surpassing the $108 million Pulp Fiction made! Mazel tov!!!


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[ # 380876 ] Comment from India Andrews [January 13, 2010, 12:48 pm]

It’s hard to say. The beard looks like pubic hair on his chin. Gross! The monogramed shoes should only be worn by someone who’s completely full of himself or someone who as alzheimer’s disease and needs a reminder of who he is. Disturbing!

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