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[ # ] Wes and Stella’s in trouble on Life Sentence, meet young Louis on Suits
April 4th, 2018 under Lucy Hale, Suits, The CW

Tonight at 9p on The CW, Wes and Stella have a new problem in their marriage, his ex. Will it end their Life Sentence together?

Wes (Elliot Knight) has been working nights and Stella (Lucy Hale) has been working days, so they are out of synch. She decides to plan a trip to Paris to get their love back on track, but a knock on their door changes everything. Pippa, his ex, has come to visit and she reveals a big secret about her breakup with Wes. One that will change their marriage forever. Could the news be so big that it will end their 6-month marriage?

Meanwhile, her dad (Dylan Walsh) is dealing with his new girlfriend, who has much more energy than him. His son, Aiden (Jayson Blair), has been keeping the secret that he and his dad’s girlfriend slept together a few months ago. When Aiden accidentally reveals that information to his mom (Gillian Vigman), he begs her to keep it quiet. She is so jealous of her husband’s new girlfriend, even though she has one of her own, she might not be able to keep it. How long will Aiden’s secret one?

I do not know why you are not watching this show because it is full of heart, it is hard not to heart it. Therefore, I implore you to check it out.

Also at 9p but over one USA. we see a young Louis and Harvey on the show for two different reasons on Suits.

Louis (Rick Hoffman) has regrets over sleeping with Shelia, who is about to marry another man, because he is not a bad boy. Something that has haunted him since he was teen. He will remember his teen years and we will see how it all started. As he looks into his past, it will change his future. What that means you will have to tune in to find out how.

Meanwhile, Jessica (Gina Torres) tells Harvey (Gabriel Macht) she needs $2 million dollars and she needs it now. There is only one person he can get the cash from and he will have to give up something very personal to him. Something from his past that he loves more than everyone in his life now. Is he ready to do it?

What made this episode different is we get to see a different side of our two leads. By looking into their past, we understand their present even more. After nearly 8 seasons, I like that Suits can still surprise us.


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