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October 11th, 2007 under Catherine Zeta-Jones

Sorry I am so excited for this show that I messed up. It premieres next Thursday! So watch it then!

I love Viva Laughlin! I love it so much my friends have asked me to stop telling them how much I love it!!!
Viva Laughlin premieres next Thursday on CBS at 10p before it moves to its regularly scheduled time slot of Sundays at 8p! The show is everything I wanted for Caveman, a show that doesn’t take itself seriously and is a lot of fun! I mean how many shows have the characters breaking out in song with the classic song playing along with them! Plus it takes place in a Vegas-like town and has all that cheese and glitz that goes with Vegas. Viva Laughlin captures that old Vegas feel (when Vegas was Vegas) and has a plot to match that feel. I seriously can’t wait to see how it all plays out and what songs will play along with them.
LLoyd Owen is great as Ripley, he captures the essence that role needs to be played in. You will see what I mean when you watch. Plus the show also has Eric Winter from Days of our Lives who looks just as sexy now as he did then. (Side note he was also the actor in the Britney Spears’ Curious commercial) The only negative about the show is that Melanie Griffith is in it as Bunny, but oddly enough she actually works in the role!
So please take a chance on this show and help it beat the TV odds and tune into Viva Luaghlin on CBS at 10p next Thursday and next Sunday at 8p! I promise you will have such a good time you will feel like you won the Jackpot!!!

Wait until you see what song Melanie Griffith and Lloyd Owen sing in next Thursday’s episode!!!


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